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About photoluminescent inkjet paper

The ideal superior photo quality glossy paper for digital photos and color print-outs Most suitable for high-resolution printers. Photo quality printing in dazzling and strongly contrasting. Excellent ink absorption, quick drying, perfect reproduction of small characters, more real and clear. Photo quality printing in dazzling and glowing in the dark. Directions for use Do not touch the printable side of paper. Moisture and oil from your skin can affect print quality. Hold paper by the edges. Only suitable for ink jet printers. Unavailable for laser [...]

Phosphorescent Injection Molding Recommendations

Avoid exposing product to strong acids and or heavy metal compounds as they will react with the glow component and destroy the phosphorescent effect. Keep Moisture content of product to a minimum. Moisture content should be no greater than 00.05 – 0.10%. Minimum Drying time should be 2- 4 hours at 180℉(Fahrenheit) in either a dehumidifier or hopper dryer. It is recommended that a dew point of -20℉(Fahrenheit)   be achieved for the inlet air Phosphorescent master batches or compound material [...]