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Common types of luminescence

photoluminescence Lamp with material Fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, black light lamp, high pressure mercury lamp, low pressure mercury lamp, LED conversion combination white light Long afterglow material Radioactive permanent luminescence, super long afterglow, long afterglow Ultraviolet luminescent material Long wave 3650 luminescence, short wave 2537 luminescence, vacuum ultraviolet luminescence, quantum dot luminescence… Infrared luminescent material Up-conversion luminescence, infrared emission, thermoluminescence, multiphoton materials Fluorescent dye \ pigment Rare earth fluorescence, organic fluorescence electroluminescent High luminous Dc powder DCEL, ac powder ACEL, thin film luminescence, thick film luminescence, organic luminescence Low field emitting LED, oel-oled, silicon-based, [...]

Up-conversion nanoparticles convert infrared light into ultraviolet and visible light

Researchers from the department of bioengineering at the national university of Singapore’s college of engineering have developed a new technology that converts infrared light into ultraviolet and visible light through nanoparticles, paving the way for non-invasive treatments of deep tumors, physicists organization net reported recently. The technology, which is said to inhibit tumor growth and control gene expression, is the world’s first non-invasive photodynamic therapy that USES nanoparticles to treat deep tumors. The paper is published in the journal [...]

Instructions for use of thermochromic pigment

The thermochromic pigment (microcapsule) is a spherical particle, and the finer the particle, the stronger the scattering effect on light. Therefore, under the same conditions, the pigment with a fine average particle size is lighter in appearance. The thick pigments are brighter in color. After adjusting the ink, the opposite is true. The finer the pigment, the better the gloss of the ink, the brighter the color, and the higher the color density on the printed product. First, the relationship [...]

What are the USES of reflective powder

Reflective powder is the production of reflective cloth, reflective film, reflective coatings, reflective signs, publicity materials, clothing materials, standard race track, it has the characteristics of reflective regression and strong reflection effect, no external power supply, can be widely used in roads, ports, mines, fire fighting and other fields. As a safety symbol, it improves the safety reliability of users. Widely used in screen printing, reflective paint, reflective ink, traffic signs, reflective materials and other fields. Below small make [...]