Monthly Archives - 十月 2019

Rare earth up-conversion luminescence technology was shortlisted for the state technological invention award

The Ministry of Science and Technology released the preliminary evaluation results of the state science and technology awards, and “the establishment and multi-field application of real-time detection system based on rare earth nanoscale transmitting light technology” recommended by the Chinese medical association was shortlisted for the second prize. The project was developed by a project team supported by the academy of military medical sciences, Shanghai institute of optics and precision mechanics, Shanghai keyan optoelectronic technology co., LTD and Beijing [...]

What is acrylic ( plexiglass ) glow in dark board

Luminous plexiglass is also a kind of fluorescent plexiglass, which is prepared by mixing luminescent powder and plexiglass. Why is this plexiglass emitting light all night? The so-called luminous board is also classified as plexiglass in the classification, and it is mixed with luminous powder in the production process of plexiglass, and it is named because it can emit light in the dark. So what kind of plexiglass can achieve luminescence? It turned out that this benefited from the raw materials [...]

About Invisible security printing

  It is a new type of optical imaging technology which integrates micro and nano graphic design, optical interference, stereoscopic imaging and other modern high precision manufacturing technologies into a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting printing technology Confidentiality is strong Invisible anti-counterfeiting “integrated into the printed matter, the appearance is not visible or a flat color block, security anti-counterfeiting information is not visible, need a special corresponding lens, ultraviolet light or xenon lamp to check and verify; And security information can be designed in multiple [...]