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What is the principle of chemiluminescence

Chemiluminescence is a common natural phenomenon, the use of chemiluminescence determination of chemiluminescence reaction reactants, catalysts, sensitizers, inhibitors, coupling reaction reactants, catalysts, sensitizers method is called chemiluminescence method. So, what is the principle of chemiluminescence? Below small make up to introduce the principle of chemiluminescence. In order for a chemical reaction to produce chemiluminescence, the following conditions must be met: first, the reaction must provide sufficient excitation energy, which is provided by a single step, since the energy released in [...]

Shaanxi university of science and technology has made new progress in the functionalization of long afterglow luminescent materials

With the exhaustion of energy and environmental pollution becoming increasingly serious, the development of new energy-saving and environment-friendly materials and products and the improvement of the performance of existing materials have become the focus of scientific and technological development and an important direction for environment-friendly countries to adhere to the construction of ecological civilization. Long afterglow luminescence materials can absorb light, lighting light source after stored energy, and continue to glow, so as to realize no electric light, is [...]

About electroluminescent powder

From the perspective of luminescent materials, electroluminescence can be divided into non-electroluminescence and organic electroluminescence. Electroluminescent materials are generally such as semiconductor materials. Organic electroluminescent materials depend on the molecular weight of organic luminescent materials It can be divided into small molecules and macromolecules. Organic dyes or pigments are used as light-emitting materials for small-molecule OLED materials, and conjugated or non-conjugated polymers (polymers) are used as light-emitting materials for polymer materials. PPV and its derivatives are typical high-molecular light-emitting materials. Organic [...]

Why wear a reflective vest

Reflective clothing is also a very common kind of clothing in today’s outdoor life. Due to the rapid development of traffic roads, it is easy to cause damage to outdoor work and traveling people. Moreover, we must know that the reason for the large traffic accidents in urban areas in the country is that the drivers do not have a good concentration of attention and do not have a good warning function. Wearing reflective clothing can play a role [...]

The difference between electroluminescence and photoluminescence

1. Electroluminescence is different from photoluminescence in that electroluminescence refers to electroluminescence and photoluminescence refers to the luminescence of photoluminescence materials. The principles of electroluminescence and photoluminescence are different. 2. Electroluminescence, also known as electric field luminescence, or EL for short, is a physical phenomenon in which the electrons excited by the electric field hit the light center by the electric field generated by the voltage applied to the two electrodes, resulting in the transition, change and compound of electrons [...]