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Photochromic fiber materials and thermochromic fiber materials for photochromic clothing

In the world of colorful colors, there are all kinds of different colors, which make our visual feeling not monotonous, but also affect our mood. Red makes us feel warm, passionate, joyful, dangerous and bloody. Green brings vitality, nature and peace. Blue makes us feel expansive and melancholy. While everything has its own color and does not change, there are a few plants and animals that change color in nature. Photosensitive clothes will bring you a different visual feast, [...]

Types of electroluminescence

Electroluminescence is also known as field luminescence. Electroluminescence is a kind of luminescence phenomenon in which electric energy is directly converted into light energy. It includes injection electroluminescence and intrinsic electroluminescence. (1) Injection electroluminescence: electrons and holes are injected directly by the electrode mounted on the crystal. When the electrons and holes are recombined in the crystal, excess energy is released in the form of light. The basic structure of injection electroluminescence is junction diode (LED). (2) Intrinsic electroluminescence: it can [...]