About fluorescent security material ultraviolet phosphor

The special fluorescence of this series of products presents white or nearly transparent color under the light source of visible light, and one or more fluorescence colors appear under the light source of different wavelengths (254nm, 365nm, 850nm), including organic, inorganic, afterglow and other special effects, with bright and beautiful colors.
I. product color
This series of products have a wide variety of colors, such as white, blue, red, yellow, green, purple, orange and pink.
Ii. Product features
A. inorganic fluorescer
1. Fluorescence bright color, with good hiding power (can avoid adding light agent).
2. Fine round and spherical particles, easy to disperse, 98% diameter of about 1-10u.
3. Good heat resistance, the highest temperature is under 600 ° C, suitable for all kinds of high temperature processing.
4. Good solvent resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and high stability.
No MIGRATION, no pollution.
6. Non-toxic, heating will not overflow formalin (FORMALDEHYDE), available to the toys
And coloring of food containers.
7. Color body will not overflow, in the injection machine mold change, can save cleaning procedures.
B. organic fluorescein
1. The fluorescence has bright color, no hiding power, and the light penetration rate is over 90%.
2. Good solubility. All kinds of oily solvents can be dissolved, but the solubility is different
Choose the same needs.
3. Belongs to the dye series, should pay attention to the problem of color shift.
4. Due to poor weather resistance, other stabilizers should be added when using.
5. Heat resistance: the highest temperature is under 200 ° C, suitable for within 200 ° C high temperature processing.
Iii. Product use
1. Can be used in a variety of plastics such as PE, PS, PP, ABS, acrylic, urea, melamine, polyester
Fluorescence staining of resin, etc.
2. Ink: with good solvent resistance and no color shift, the finished product will not be contaminated.
3. Paint: the rotation-resistance is three times stronger than other brands, the fluorescence is bright and lasting, which can be used for advertising and safety warning printing.