About Invisible security printing


It is a new type of optical imaging technology which integrates micro and nano graphic design, optical interference, stereoscopic imaging and other modern high precision manufacturing technologies into a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting printing technology
Confidentiality is strong
Invisible anti-counterfeiting “integrated into the printed matter, the appearance is not visible or a flat color block, security anti-counterfeiting information is not visible, need a special corresponding lens, ultraviolet light or xenon lamp to check and verify; And security information can be designed in multiple ways, so that the imitators can not start, so that the product is more secure and confidential
Verify the only
Invisible anti-counterfeiting “pioneering” true color stereo discoloration “visual verification technology; Security anti-counterfeiting information from “nothing” to “there” verification process, and the realization of naked eye stereo discoloration this novel and unique visual phenomenon;
Do not copy
Invisible anti-counterfeiting “is a variety of modern high, tip, precision manufacturing technology crystallization, is specifically for the modern developed copy technology and the development of comprehensive printing anti-counterfeiting technology.
Strong compatibility
Widely used “invisible anti-counterfeiting” is a high precision anti-counterfeiting printing technology, directly integrated with printed products, but also compatible with other anti-counterfeiting technology; Less cost increase, safer protection, closer to businesses and consumers.