About photoluminescent inkjet paper

The ideal superior photo quality glossy paper for digital photos and color print-outs

  1. Most suitable for high-resolution printers. Photo quality printing in dazzling and strongly contrasting.
  2. Excellent ink absorption, quick drying, perfect reproduction of small characters, more real and clear.
  3. Photo quality printing in dazzling and glowing in the dark.

Directions for use

  1. Do not touch the printable side of paper. Moisture and oil from your skin can affect print quality. Hold paper by the edges.
  2. Only suitable for ink jet printers. Unavailable for laser printer and copy machine.
  3. Use under normal room conditions (temperature :10-30(c humidity :20-80%RH)
  4. The printable side of paper are not water-proof.

Directions for printing

  1. For perfect photo quality , please follow the guidelines of below ,when choose the type of paper ,please choose the transparency paper.
  2. See your printer manual for the maximum amount of paper you can load into the printer or other directions before printing.
  3. Print on the little yellow side of the paper for photo quality printing .
  4. Image quality may vary with the type of printers . please adjust the print mode according to your printer’s instructions manual for best printing results.
  5. please flatten it if there is any curled portion of the paper before printing .

Directions for storing

  1. Take out the paper from the package only as you needed .please return unused sheets to the original plastic envelope and tightly.
  2. Avoid high temperatures, humidity and directly sunlight .keep the paper flat in a cool ,dry place.
  3. To prevent your print-outs from becoming discolored. faded or blurred ,please keep the printouts flat in the envelope and store in a cool ,dry place away from high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight.