Anti-counterfeiting UV technology

Application of UV technology

Compared with traditional offset printing, UV printing is characterized by bright colors, special substrate materials, novel products and broad market prospects. It is suitable for high-end business card packaging, high-end business album, special desk calendar, special label printing and other product fields.

UV technology process

The key business advantage of UV process is the flexibility of application, which can obtain a variety of product functions, in a variety of substrate materials and surface finishing for special applications. UV printing is a reliable process. UV inks can be considered environmentally friendly, because they do not produce volatile organic compounds (VOC) solvent volatilization problems;

Characteristics of UV technology

Test results show that UV lamps consume 30% less power than infrared/hot air drying (using German energy prices). The energy required to start the UV lamp is higher than that required to trigger the IR emitter, and the kW rate of the UV lamp is usually higher than that of the infrared emitter.

UV life

Reaction, namely liquid UV radiation curing materials printed or coated substrates or workpiece surface, after UV light to realize the process of hardening, UV curing and conventional drying process are similar, but different principle, the traditional dry by evaporation of the solvent in the coating materials commonly and form hardening, and UV curing cross-linking, no solvent evaporation.