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Method for applying photoluminescent powder to glass products

First, the general use of 110 mesh photoluminescent powder is better. Two, can generally be used as noctilucent powder for ordinary pigment, according to the actual production in the process of time, choose suitable for oily ink filters for additives are fully mixing (do not use metal containers, lest time is long will turn black), after fully mix with 80 mesh network printing (sieving in advance is better), to be luminous intensity and long time, can be printed a few [...]

Several methods of reflective powder used in reflective fabric

One, a processing method (1) multi-channel processing method base cloth – – coating – – coating reflective layer – – coating glass beads reflective powder layer – – post-processing (coating transparent resin, waterproof, etc.). The bottom layer is coated on the base cloth to make the surface of the base cloth smooth, so as to improve the reflection effect of the reflective layer, so as to improve the reflective intensity of the product. (2) a liquid in a machining method will [...]

Characteristics and advantages of electroluminescent displays

Stability: Pindar electroluminescent displays are designed for applications in harsh environmental conditions: cold, heat, wind, dust, vibration, sunlight, and even weightlessness. Reliability: It has been proven that our EL displays can reach 75% of their initial brightness after 100,000 hours of operation. Visibility: With Pindar’s proprietary iCebrite (Contrast and Brightness Enhance) technology, unmatched image quality is provided for a wide range of applications requiring high visibility. Flexibility: We offer a wide range of product enhancements, selection and value-added services to help our [...]

Does the luminous light of the watch radiate to human body?

Watch with luminous function is really very cool, but whether luminous on the human body is harmful to believe that many people are not too understand, some people say luminous radiation, some people say luminous no radiation, so luminous in the end there is no radiation? Today I’m going to talk to you about the watch luminous those things.Luminous watches is to facilitate the people can get in the darkness of night time, and luminous watch real popular and [...]

Photochromic fiber materials and thermochromic fiber materials for photochromic clothing

In the world of colorful colors, there are all kinds of different colors, which make our visual feeling not monotonous, but also affect our mood. Red makes us feel warm, passionate, joyful, dangerous and bloody. Green brings vitality, nature and peace. Blue makes us feel expansive and melancholy. While everything has its own color and does not change, there are a few plants and animals that change color in nature. Photosensitive clothes will bring you a different visual feast, [...]

Types of electroluminescence

Electroluminescence is also known as field luminescence. Electroluminescence is a kind of luminescence phenomenon in which electric energy is directly converted into light energy. It includes injection electroluminescence and intrinsic electroluminescence. (1) Injection electroluminescence: electrons and holes are injected directly by the electrode mounted on the crystal. When the electrons and holes are recombined in the crystal, excess energy is released in the form of light. The basic structure of injection electroluminescence is junction diode (LED). (2) Intrinsic electroluminescence: it can [...]

About photochromatic materials

I. Basic knowledge of spectrum: ULTRAVIOLET rays are divided into three types according to different bands: UVC for those with a wavelength below 250 nm, UVB for those with a wavelength between 250 and 320 nm, and UVA for those with a wavelength between 320 and 380. The visible light range is 380-800 (nm) and the infrared light range is 900-1800 (nm). Two, photochromic principle: the use of UVA energy to open the photosensitive molecular bonds, so that it from [...]

The invention relates to a method for making luminous steps for garden special purpose

The utility model relates to a special luminous garden step, belonging to the field of garden engineering. It includes steps, plant planting trough and connecting trough. Plant planting slots are installed at both ends of the step, leaking holes are installed on the step tread, luminous plastic pipes are installed on the edge of the step tread, gutter is installed inside the step, and drain holes are installed on the kick surface of the bottom step. The drainage hole [...]

Production technology and equipment of paint coating

One, coating production technology Coating production process refers to the production of paint raw materials and semi-finished products through the equipment they are processed into a finished product of a material transfer or transformation process, its production process includes: mixing, homogenization, dispersion and other operational processes. The different that produces factory enterprise to be able to be mixed according to coating product kind and its processing characteristic commonly, choose appropriate, decide basic craft mode again. One of the most critical parts [...]

A new red luminescent powder and a method for making red luminescent ceramics

A new red luminescent powder is composed of BEiyQia8_x_yZnxTi03:aPr3+, bLu3+, cNa+ and dB3+, with titanate as the substrate, Pr3+ as the activator and Lu3+ as the sensitizer. The luminous powder is used to prepare the luminous red ceramics. The best known green luminescent powder is SrAl2O4 = Eu2+ and Dy3+, while the blue luminescent powder is SrAl2O4 = Eu2+ and Nd3+. The chemical properties, afterglow intensity and attenuation time of these two luminescent powder are similar. But there is no [...]