What is the form and material classification of the signs

Signs are very common in our daily life, but signs can be divided into wood signs, plastic signs and metal signs because of the different materials of production, dazzling, so how are signs classified? And what forms does it have? Material classification: (1) smooth logo: the picture or board surface is oily and very smooth. (2) acrylic marking: acrylic material as the main material on the board. (3) noctilucent material signage: noctilucent material signage (that is, we usually say the neon light) (iv) electric [...]

The scientists obtained highly doped up-conversion nanoparticles

Recently, led by Australia’s Macquarie university professor da-yong jin advanced cell instrument laboratory and engineering college of Beijing university department of biomedical engineering XiPeng research joint research, found the new nano photonics light-emitting mechanism, and implements the high concentration of doping on the conversion of nanoparticles (Upconversionnanocrystals) technology, which shows the most sensitive nano fluorescent material yet. The paper was published in Nature Nanotechnology by Nature publishing group. Up-conversion nanoparticles, a new type of fluorescent material, are promising for a [...]

Introduction to the classification principle of thermochromic paint

Most of the products around us are classified according to color or specifications, but the performance characteristics of thermochromic paints explained today are more prominent, and the performance effects are more characteristic, because they can change colors according to different temperatures. . For example, in places where the temperature difference between day and night is large, or where the requirements for personalization are more stringent, you can find that thermochromic paint can have a decorative effect. For example, some [...]

Types and development trends of commonly used water-based coatings

Water-based paint is a kind of paint with water as diluent. 70% -90% of the composition is water that is not harmful to human body and the environment. No organic solvent (such as benzene, ketone, ester, ether, etc.) is needed during the production process. Substances.) And formaldehyde, lead, chromium and other harmful substances. Water-based paint uses water as a dispersion medium. During the construction, water volatilizes and returns to nature in a vaporized state, without causing harm to human [...]

The main applications of rare earth luminescent materials

The use of rare-earth light-emitting materials will bring the effects of environmental protection and energy saving, good color rendering function and long life number to the light source, which is conducive to promoting the upgrading of products in the current significant area. Therefore, once the rare-earth light-emitting materials are created, they are quickly used in the production of color television picture tubes (CRTs) and fluorescent lamps. The industrial use of rare-earth light-emitting materials in China also began in the [...]

Up-conversion process and mechanism of up-conversion luminescent materials

Its principles include excited state absorption (ESA), energy transfer up conversion (ETU), and photon avalanche (PA). Energy transfer refers to the coupling of two excited ions with similar energy through a non-radiative process, one of which transfers energy to the other and returns to a low energy state, and the other ion receives energy and transitions to a higher energy state. Energy transfer upconversion can occur between the same ions, or between different ions. Therefore, energy transfer up-conversion can [...]

A variety of supramolecular fluorescent materials developed by China ECNU can be used in anti-counterfeiting and other fields

Professor xu Lin’s research group from the school of chemistry and molecular engineering of east China normal university focused on the research in the field of supramolecular fluorescent materials chemistry, and carried out systematic research on supramolecular coordination assembly mechanism, stability strengthening of assembly materials and development of new assembly strategies. Recently, this research group obtained innovative results in the regulation of supramolecular fluorescence, and the related research paper was published in nature communications. In recent years, chemists have constructed [...]

What factors will affect the luminous effect of glow in dark powder printing

Glow in the dark powder printing has become very popular in recent years. Many clothing printing factories have luminous powder printing technology, and luminous clothes are also very popular in the market. Some manufacturers’ technology is not enough, so the printed products have unsatisfactory results. So what are the factors that affect the luminous powder printing effect? Some factors that determine the luminous effect of luminous powder 1.Transparency of ink The luminous effect of the luminous powder of the luminous ink depends on [...]

Types of electroluminescent planar display screens

This type of product is based on the principle of inorganic powder electroluminescence (EL) technology, which is characterized by planar luminescence, and can realize color dynamic pattern and text display through the circuit. Existing products include: ultra-thin flexible plastic EL, flat glass EL, enamel EL, long life outdoor plastic EL. The basic technical indicators are as follows: 1) indoor plastic EL screen: maximum size: 80cmX60cm; thickness: 0.2-0.5mm; brightness: 5-120cd /m2; Use conditions: 80-110v, 400-800hz or 220V,50Hz, PET plastic sheet as raw [...]

How to choose professional photoluminescent stone manufacturer

Photoluminescent stone is very common in life, hotels, hotels, parks or families, etc., luminescent stone has all the functions of ordinary stone, at night can also emit colorful light, colorful luminescent stone, can beautify the role of the environment, and bring great convenience for life. In China, there are many manufacturers of luminous powder, so there are many manufacturers of luminous stone. How to choose a reliable supplier of luminous products? First of all, we should test the samples. [...]