Contrast of zinc sulfide and strontium aluminate phosphor luminescent powder

What is traditional Zinc Sulphide pigment? Some of the first phosphors to be developed were inorganic zinc sulphide compounds. (German submarine commanders during World War I reportedly rubbed these compounds on their hands to read documents during blackout conditions.) These phosphors typically absorb energy from deep blue and ultraviolet light and emit it as yellow-green light.This is useful in that the peak spectral distribution of the emitted light roughly coincides with the peak spectral sensitivity of the human visual system [...]

Photoluminescent Pigment Production Technic Process

( Information for reference ) Phosphor is a special crystal structure luminescent material, which has a strong absorbance – STORING – luminous ability, when illuminated by natural light and the light, that part of the light energy is absorbed and stored, and then in the form of visible light in the dark Slowly release the luminescent material after five minutes after the light in the dark can automatically light for more than 12 hours of light absorption process can be [...]

How to distinguish luminous powder and fluorescent powder?

Luminous and phosphor are the two products, but many people think that is luminous phosphors and think they are following the same substance, small to give you how to distinguish luminous powder and phosphor.: 1 luminous powder: Yes absorbance – STORING – a self-luminous light emitting material, which is a kind of luminous material can be made visible in the dark, called luminous powder, luminous powder it into long-term, short-acting luminous, radioactive luminous, but they are of a material glowing [...]

About Long-afterglow material

Long-lasting glow materials referred to long afterglow materials, also known as the luminescent material, luminous material, which is essentially a photoluminescent material. Brief introduction Long-lasting glow materials referred to afterglow materials, also known as the luminescent material, which is essentially a photoluminescent material, he is a kind of absorbed energy as visible light, ultraviolet, X-ray, etc., and The substance can continue to emit light after excitation stop, he can be able to trap the energy stored in the material, is a [...]

Photo luminescent pigment important function in industry

With the photoluminescent pigment in the handicraft industry and the toy industry applications, the use of innovative design, reasonable selection, fine production, in order to a better understanding of the relevant knowledge, and we explain below small explain luminous powder in industry Application: Now more and more customers start using photoluminescent pigment to change the performance of their products, but many of its own characteristics photoluminescent pigment is most customers do not know, for example, there are a variety of [...]

How to use luminous powder to achieve the best results?

Storing luminous powder is a light-emitting material. But often after a customer took it reflects the long-term results are not luminous. In fact, two reasons can understand, can make to maximize luminous effect. Luminous powder usage is according to their actual situation, the different requirements, luminance and different uses has a different use, can be summed up for their own solutions in the actual production process, according to the product. First, the luminescent luminous powder is a material, we may [...]