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Use method of reflective powder and reflective glass microbeads

Is the use of the reflective glass beads according to the actual needs of customers, according to different purposes, luminous intensity and the different requirements, in the actual production summary for its technical solutions, in the process of reflective glass beads is according to its luminous intensity, the length of the afterglow time, and determine its quality and cost, the following content is for reference only. Usage of reflective glass microbeads: Water-based screen printing method 1: Reflective glass beads can be directly [...]

Intaglio master years of work summary

Preparation of gravure printing press Check whether there is dust, garbage and other things not related to printing around the printing press, and check whether the ventilation and exhaust facilities are in good condition. Check whether the raw and auxiliary materials are fully prepared and meet the printing requirements. The printing of plastic film, the requirements of the substrate film to be printed in accordance with the following requirements: smooth and flat surface, no obvious stiff block, yellow and black spots, [...]

Characteristics of zinc sulfide short – acting noctilucent powder

Zinc sulfide short – acting luminous powder: product features: “come quickly, go quickly”. The so-called “coming fast” refers to the light absorption time is short and sensitive to the source of light, quickly show a luminous effect: “going fast” refers to its short afterglow time. It is easy to show the characteristics of luminous effect, which makes it widely used in many industries and products. Advantages of short-acting noctilucent powder: easy to perform noctilucent effect, the initial brightness is [...]

Crystal growth and luminescence characteristics of powder electroluminescent materials

The effect of Cu~+ on the luminescence characteristics of ZnS: Cu electroluminescent materials was studied. The effects of burning temperature and flux on the structure, particle size and luminescence characteristics of luminescent materials were discussed. The luminescence properties of powder electroluminescent materials were improved by phase change technology and doping of two activators. The study shows that the luminance of the materials increases with the increase of the doping amount of Cu+. When the doping concentration of Cu+ is [...]

Manufacturing method of luminous acrylic switch

The switch installed in the 86 box on the wall is widely used as a control operation facility to control the lighting and extinguishing of indoor lamps. The disadvantage of the wall switch that is commonly used now is that it is not easy to find without other auxiliary light sources in the night, and because the pressure plate of the wall switch that is commonly used now is small, it is easy to fall or collide in the [...]

Introduction to the classification principle of thermochromic paint

Most of the products around us are classified according to color or specifications, but the performance characteristics of thermochromic paints explained today are more prominent, and the performance effects are more characteristic, because they can change colors according to different temperatures. . For example, in places where the temperature difference between day and night is large, or where the requirements for personalization are more stringent, you can find that thermochromic paint can have a decorative effect. For example, some [...]

Up-conversion process and mechanism of up-conversion luminescent materials

Its principles include excited state absorption (ESA), energy transfer up conversion (ETU), and photon avalanche (PA). Energy transfer refers to the coupling of two excited ions with similar energy through a non-radiative process, one of which transfers energy to the other and returns to a low energy state, and the other ion receives energy and transitions to a higher energy state. Energy transfer upconversion can occur between the same ions, or between different ions. Therefore, energy transfer up-conversion can [...]

What factors will affect the luminous effect of glow in dark powder printing

Glow in the dark powder printing has become very popular in recent years. Many clothing printing factories have luminous powder printing technology, and luminous clothes are also very popular in the market. Some manufacturers’ technology is not enough, so the printed products have unsatisfactory results. So what are the factors that affect the luminous powder printing effect? Some factors that determine the luminous effect of luminous powder 1.Transparency of ink The luminous effect of the luminous powder of the luminous ink depends on [...]

How to choose professional photoluminescent stone manufacturer

Photoluminescent stone is very common in life, hotels, hotels, parks or families, etc., luminescent stone has all the functions of ordinary stone, at night can also emit colorful light, colorful luminescent stone, can beautify the role of the environment, and bring great convenience for life. In China, there are many manufacturers of luminous powder, so there are many manufacturers of luminous stone. How to choose a reliable supplier of luminous products? First of all, we should test the samples. [...]

Application of thermosensitive color change powder in ink

1 selection of connecting material (resin) : 1.1 influence of viscosity and solid content of binder (resin) on color concentration and surface gloss: The choice of resin in ink oil has a very important effect on the color concentration and surface gloss of temperature-varying ink, which is more significant for black ink. Because the content of pigment in the color changing ink is much higher than ordinary ink, if the resin modulation of ordinary ink color changing ink will lead to [...]