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How to use glow in dark powder to achieve good results

Glow in the dark powder is a kind of luminous material. But sometimes the user can reflect to use the effect is not good, actually want to make the effect of noctilucent powder better play. Should depend on its actual situation and decide, different requirement, luminance and different use have different use method. Here is a brief introduction. 1 glow in dark powder as a kind of light storage luminous material, so luminous powder again good also have to absorb light. Electric [...]

Ultraviolet fluorescent anti – counterfeiting ink use instructions

Ultraviolet fluorescence anti – counterfeiting ink into long, short – wave fluorescence. Long – wave fluorescent ink invisible colorless or colored two. The former is usually white or colorless, printed on paper or plastic film does not show color, under ultraviolet light or detector different varieties will show different colors, red, yellow, green, blue and other different types. I. performance introduction Ultraviolet fluorescence anti – counterfeiting ink into long, short – wave fluorescence. Long – wave fluorescent ink invisible colorless or colored [...]

The difference between electroluminescence and photoluminescence

1. Electroluminescence is different from photoluminescence in that electroluminescence refers to electroluminescence and photoluminescence refers to the luminescence of photoluminescence materials. The principles of electroluminescence and photoluminescence are different. 2. Electroluminescence, also known as electric field luminescence, or EL for short, is a physical phenomenon in which the electrons excited by the electric field hit the light center by the electric field generated by the voltage applied to the two electrodes, resulting in the transition, change and compound of electrons [...]

About Invisible security printing

  It is a new type of optical imaging technology which integrates micro and nano graphic design, optical interference, stereoscopic imaging and other modern high precision manufacturing technologies into a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting printing technology Confidentiality is strong Invisible anti-counterfeiting “integrated into the printed matter, the appearance is not visible or a flat color block, security anti-counterfeiting information is not visible, need a special corresponding lens, ultraviolet light or xenon lamp to check and verify; And security information can be designed in multiple [...]

Specific operation method to improve the smoothness of powder coating

Powder coatings are one of the most environmentally friendly coatings systems due to their complete absence of organic solvents and low VOC emissions during curing. The so-called coating leveling, that is, coating coating after the construction of the formation of smooth state, leveling surface should not exist orange peel, brush marks, ripples, shrinkage cavity and other irregular form. Generally we use the naked eye direct observation method is to sample and standard samples for parallel comparison to judge the advantages [...]

About long after glow phosphorescence material

Abstract: The paper introduces the long after glow phosphorescence material Key words: long after glow, ZnS. Introduction How to define a luminescent substance it? Suitable materials absorb radiation energy , and then the light is emitted , the emitted photon energy is lower than energy of the excitation radiation. This behavior has a light-emitting substance called luminescent substances. According to the excitation can be divided into different photoluminescent material , a cathode ray emitting material , an electroluminescent material , a chemiluminescent [...]

Anti-counterfeiting UV technology

Application of UV technology Compared with traditional offset printing, UV printing is characterized by bright colors, special substrate materials, novel products and broad market prospects. It is suitable for high-end business card packaging, high-end business album, special desk calendar, special label printing and other product fields. UV technology process The key business advantage of UV process is the flexibility of application, which can obtain a variety of product functions, in a variety of substrate materials and surface finishing for special applications. UV [...]

Information of Glow in dark powder use for glass or plastic products

1. For the temperature bear performance of the photoluminescent pigments, the blue green usually can bear about 1050 C, the yellow green bear about 1000 C, the sky blue bear about 900 C, and others colours can bear about 800 C. For use in glass by melt technology, the pigments is protect from direct fire. 2. You can use the YG-K or BG-K for glass. Because the larger particle size is suitable for normal luminescent glass products. 3. For the method, one [...]

Instructions for use of thermochromic pigment

The thermochromic pigment (microcapsule) is a spherical particle, and the finer the particle, the stronger the scattering effect on light. Therefore, under the same conditions, the pigment with a fine average particle size is lighter in appearance. The thick pigments are brighter in color. After adjusting the ink, the opposite is true. The finer the pigment, the better the gloss of the ink, the brighter the color, and the higher the color density on the printed product. First, the relationship [...]

What are the USES of reflective powder

Reflective powder is the production of reflective cloth, reflective film, reflective coatings, reflective signs, publicity materials, clothing materials, standard race track, it has the characteristics of reflective regression and strong reflection effect, no external power supply, can be widely used in roads, ports, mines, fire fighting and other fields. As a safety symbol, it improves the safety reliability of users. Widely used in screen printing, reflective paint, reflective ink, traffic signs, reflective materials and other fields. Below small make [...]