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Use of invisible mural materials, production methods and tools

Methods and tools for making invisible murals Invisible murals (also known as fantasy invisible murals, magic invisible murals, fantasy angels, etc.) The method of making it is the same as the tools needed for making it. It’s just different levels The tools and raw materials are not the same as haotian space technology as the domestic invisible murals production technology Technology, professional development of r & d team has been developed according to the market needs of the first two After the third and [...]

Examples and formulations of application of luminous powder in coatings and inks

May be mixed with a variety of transparent resin coatings and ink to make the glow in dark paint or inks. Such resins include acrylic resins, urethane resins, epoxy resins, amino resins, polyvinyl butyral resins, polyamide resins, etc., in coatings used in a proportion of 10% -50%, the proportion of the ink is 30% to 60% as well, the above-mentioned resin is dissolved with an appropriate solvent, adding luminescent pigment, and then adding a suitable anti-settling agents, antifoaming agents, [...]

Screen printing photoluminescent safety sign Caution

photoluminescent safety sign need to use photoluminescent printing ink, photoluminescent printing ink used in the signage industry, manufacturers are generally used according to their intended use and signage products themselves formulated to get the best use of effects and economic costs. Usually adding a certain percentage of the ordinary transparent ink photoluminescent materials by simple mixing process can be made luminous ink use, if stored for a period of time sufficient to facilitate wetting photoluminescent materials inks, printing products resulting [...]

UV fluorescent powder, fluorescent anti – counterfeit ink method of use

Fluorescent ink type of use is quite important for packaging anti-counterfeiting effect is good or bad, if choose not accurate or poor, can result in anti-counterfeit effect is not obvious or don’t have any security requirements, such as the theory according to the color of light color and light absorption principle, longer wavelengths in the color of light absorption wavelength. The following fluorescent ink in the actual product structure of the specific analysis. If we are in the full version [...]

Construction method of luminous paint

1.The construction method of luminous paint is the same as that of ordinary paint, which can be applied with brush, spray, roller and scrape, and can be adjusted according to different construction processes Paint viscosity. 2.Use white paint primer before using luminous paint. Can improve the luminance and luminescence time of luminescent coating. White paint and light paint It is better to have the same species. 3, luminescent coating to a certain thickness, can obtain a more ideal luminescent film. When the luminous [...]

About fluorescent security material ultraviolet phosphor

The special fluorescence of this series of products presents white or nearly transparent color under the light source of visible light, and one or more fluorescence colors appear under the light source of different wavelengths (254nm, 365nm, 850nm), including organic, inorganic, afterglow and other special effects, with bright and beautiful colors. I. product color This series of products have a wide variety of colors, such as white, blue, red, yellow, green, purple, orange and pink. Ii. Product features A. inorganic fluorescer 1. Fluorescence bright [...]

The making method of luminous paint

Luminous paint is made of luminous pigment, organic resin, organic solvent and auxiliary agent through a series of processes. Each component determines the performance of the luminous paint, and its selection criteria are important. 1. Selection of resins and varnishes: A) after the luminescent paint becomes a film, the luminescent absorption function is realized by the particles of luminescent pigments. As a result of the light through the requirements, will glow color material bonding resin should have better light transmittance, [...]

The manufacture method and application of photoluminescent ceramic glaze

Photoluminescent pigment can be applied to make photoluminescent ceramic glaze directly. Following content is some information about the method of making photoluminesent ceramic glaze for your reference. 1.Make the based normal transparent ceramic glaze.The glaze should be ground thin,can through the 250mesh sieve. 2.Mixing well the photoluminescent pigment and the based ceramic glaze by the proportion of 4:6 to make the luminous ceramic glaze. 3.During the production,don’t let the photoluminescent pigment touch with the metal material,otherwise the luminous effect will be affected Use [...]

Luminescent plastic configuration and instructions for use

1. Selection of resin: Had better choose powdery form resin, with the resin with melting index a bit taller relatively. 2. Selection of luminous pigments: Type C or D is more effective, and the particle size is too large or too small for dispersion. 3. Selection of lubricant: stearate amide should be used as lubricant for polyolefin resin (such as PE, PP). ABS, PS, PC, AS, PMMA and other resins should choose stearate, mainly zinc stearate and magnesium stearate. 4. Selection of dispersant: The choice of [...]

How to make photoluminescent printing paste?

These are the guidelines to making photoluminescent printing pastes. Your application may require some adjustments to the technical material below. Mix the Photoluminescent pigment into clear vehicles. Any other pigment in the medium will obscure the luminosity. Choose neutral or alkalescent clear/transparent printing paste and the suitable photoluminescent pigment, the percentage of the photoluminescent pigment is normally 10-50%, making it well proportioned by mixing and churning up. You can use relevant thinner to adjust the viscosity. Before printing the [...]