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Anti-counterfeiting UV technology

Application of UV technology Compared with traditional offset printing, UV printing is characterized by bright colors, special substrate materials, novel products and broad market prospects. It is suitable for high-end business card packaging, high-end business album, special desk calendar, special label printing and other product fields. UV technology process The key business advantage of UV process is the flexibility of application, which can obtain a variety of product functions, in a variety of substrate materials and surface finishing for special applications. UV [...]

Information of Glow in dark powder use for glass or plastic products

1. For the temperature bear performance of the photoluminescent pigments, the blue green usually can bear about 1050 C, the yellow green bear about 1000 C, the sky blue bear about 900 C, and others colours can bear about 800 C. For use in glass by melt technology, the pigments is protect from direct fire. 2. You can use the YG-K or BG-K for glass. Because the larger particle size is suitable for normal luminescent glass products. 3. For the method, one [...]

Instructions for use of thermochromic pigment

The thermochromic pigment (microcapsule) is a spherical particle, and the finer the particle, the stronger the scattering effect on light. Therefore, under the same conditions, the pigment with a fine average particle size is lighter in appearance. The thick pigments are brighter in color. After adjusting the ink, the opposite is true. The finer the pigment, the better the gloss of the ink, the brighter the color, and the higher the color density on the printed product. First, the relationship [...]

What are the USES of reflective powder

Reflective powder is the production of reflective cloth, reflective film, reflective coatings, reflective signs, publicity materials, clothing materials, standard race track, it has the characteristics of reflective regression and strong reflection effect, no external power supply, can be widely used in roads, ports, mines, fire fighting and other fields. As a safety symbol, it improves the safety reliability of users. Widely used in screen printing, reflective paint, reflective ink, traffic signs, reflective materials and other fields. Below small make [...]

Setting characteristics of photoluminescent signs at different positions

Luminous signs are mainly used in fire evacuation indicator system, place-name indicator system, underground rail tunnel indicator system, shopping mall evacuation indicator system, public information indicator and warning system. The safety sign should be set at the main entrance and exit of the hazard source and near the hazard point. The use of luminous signs can not only serve as an indication of ordinary signs, but also play a guiding role in emergency evacuation. When there are multiple risk [...]

precautions for mixing ink or paint with luminous powder

As a kind of functional coating, it is made up of luminous powder, base material and various auxiliaries. After applying luminous powder, it absorbs light for 10-30 minutes, and can continue to shine in the dark for 12 hours, and the process of light absorption and luminescence can cycle indefinitely, presenting good low-degree emergency lighting, indicating signs and decorative beautification effect. And in luminous powder inks need to pay attention to the following: 1, mix with neutral or weak alkaline [...]

Several methods for making encapsulated type glow powder

Stearic acid coated luminous powder: stearic acid is often used as a lubricant in polymer processing to reduce the friction and adhesion between melt and processing machinery and between molecules in melt, improve fluidity, improve processing formability, improve production capacity and product appearance quality and finish. Coupling agent treatment of rare earth luminous powder: from the perspective of chemical structure and molecular aggregation state, inorganic materials are very different from organic polymers, and it is difficult to form the required [...]

Application of luminous powder rolling process

Calendering A method of forming a luminescent powder continuously into a film or sheet. In the rubber processing process, the luminous powder and the rubber compound can be calendered into a film of a certain thickness and width, or the pattern can be pressed on the film for the formation of the next product. The calendering method is also used to hang the fabric and the steel cord, and to bond the film to the film, the film and [...]

Inkjet printing luminous film instructions

Inkjet printing luminous film (luminous paper, luminous photo printing film) Is a new generation of luminous digital output material, high resolution can be directly printed photos. This product has been tested by the relevant departments of the state, and it is non-radioactive, non-toxic and harmless. It is the only green energy-saving high-tech product that can emit light at night and display its contents without consuming electricity. After 5-15 minutes of visible light, the product can spontaneously light in the dark for [...]

Luminescence mechanism of long afterglow luminescent materials

Hole transport model For this type of material, the earliest model was the hole transport model proposed by Matsuzawa et al. in the SrAl2O4:Eu, Dy system. Based on this model, Matsuzawa believes that in the long afterglow materials SrAl2O4:Eu, Dy, Eu is the electron capture center and Dy is the hole trapping center. When the material is excited by UV, Eu can capture electrons to become Eu, and the resulting holes are captured by Dy through the valence band to [...]