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Research status of fluorescent materials

1. Doping modification: Other ions are added to the traditional fluorescent materials to increase the conversion efficiency and enhance the fluorescence intensity. For example, add the sensitized Yb3+ ions to the fluorescent material. Yb3+ ion has a strong absorption cross section near 980nm, and only has two energy levels, so it will not lose the excitation light energy due to the up-conversion process. Therefore, it is an ideal sensitizer. In particular, lithium ions enhance the fluorescence of rare earth [...]

Progress has been made in the study of luminescence mechanism of long-afterglow luminescent materials

Source: powder circle ( – the circle of business and life of people in the powder industry! Long afterglow materials commonly known as noctilucent materials or light-storage luminescent materials, in the visible or ultraviolet light excited, can maintain dozens of minutes to dozens of hours of continuous luminescence. This kind of material has wide application value in the fields of low-light lighting, emergency instruction, information storage and display, energy-saving building, intelligent transportation and so on. CaAl2O4:Eu,Nd is a typical blue-purple [...]

The scientists obtained highly doped up-conversion nanoparticles

Recently, led by Australia’s Macquarie university professor da-yong jin advanced cell instrument laboratory and engineering college of Beijing university department of biomedical engineering XiPeng research joint research, found the new nano photonics light-emitting mechanism, and implements the high concentration of doping on the conversion of nanoparticles (Upconversionnanocrystals) technology, which shows the most sensitive nano fluorescent material yet. The paper was published in Nature Nanotechnology by Nature publishing group. Up-conversion nanoparticles, a new type of fluorescent material, are promising for a [...]

A variety of supramolecular fluorescent materials developed by China ECNU can be used in anti-counterfeiting and other fields

Professor xu Lin’s research group from the school of chemistry and molecular engineering of east China normal university focused on the research in the field of supramolecular fluorescent materials chemistry, and carried out systematic research on supramolecular coordination assembly mechanism, stability strengthening of assembly materials and development of new assembly strategies. Recently, this research group obtained innovative results in the regulation of supramolecular fluorescence, and the related research paper was published in nature communications. In recent years, chemists have constructed [...]

Shaanxi university of science and technology has made new progress in the functionalization of long afterglow luminescent materials

With the exhaustion of energy and environmental pollution becoming increasingly serious, the development of new energy-saving and environment-friendly materials and products and the improvement of the performance of existing materials have become the focus of scientific and technological development and an important direction for environment-friendly countries to adhere to the construction of ecological civilization. Long afterglow luminescence materials can absorb light, lighting light source after stored energy, and continue to glow, so as to realize no electric light, is [...]

Rare earth up-conversion luminescence technology was shortlisted for the state technological invention award

The Ministry of Science and Technology released the preliminary evaluation results of the state science and technology awards, and “the establishment and multi-field application of real-time detection system based on rare earth nanoscale transmitting light technology” recommended by the Chinese medical association was shortlisted for the second prize. The project was developed by a project team supported by the academy of military medical sciences, Shanghai institute of optics and precision mechanics, Shanghai keyan optoelectronic technology co., LTD and Beijing [...]

Market application and development space of long afterglow self-luminous materials

In the field of building decoration, self-luminous materials are energy-saving, environment-friendly and low-carbon new building materials. The application of new self-luminous materials brings inestimable market value and practical value. City square, parking lot, residential pedestrian road, commercial pedestrian street, hotel, home decoration, traffic road zebra crossing update, traffic line, pedestrian walkway, roadside stone beautification, city riverside night, green pedestrian path, tourist attractions, pond edge beautification, etc., will be put into use a large number of self-luminous materials. So luminous [...]

Rare earth luminescent materials new fulcrum

White LED light source is a green energy-saving light source. At present, it mainly USES the combination of InGaN ultra-bright blue chip and rare earth yellow and red phosphors with high light conversion efficiency to produce composite white light. It is regarded as the synonym of advanced technology and green lighting, and will become the leading role in the future lighting and display market. As we all know, the development of LED industry cannot be separated from rare earth [...]

From the aristocracy to the common people – new captain afterglow luminous materials

Long Persistent Luminescence (LPL) material is also known as luminescent Luminescence material, commonly known as luminous powder or Long afterglow powder. Its luminescence principle is photoluminescence, that is, when excited by the light source, the excitation energy is stored in the excited state. When the excitation stops, the energy is slowly released in the form of light. In 1996, Matsuzawa et al. published a strontium aluminate (SrAl2O4) system doped with europium (Eu) and dysprosium (Dy), with a decay time [...]

Invisible mural paint, invisible photoreceptive murals have broad market prospects

UV phosphors, UV powders, and invisible photo murals are the latest in the entertainment industry. Invisible paintings are popular in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, etc., and are still blank in the domestic market. Such a large Chinese entertainment and leisure venue and home decoration market, the prospect of invisible painting is extremely attractive. At present, the entertainment industry in mainland China is developing rapidly, the decoration grades are constantly improving, and the customers’ requirements for the atmosphere of [...]