Characteristics of zinc sulfide short – acting noctilucent powder

Zinc sulfide short – acting luminous powder: product features: “come quickly, go quickly”. The so-called “coming fast” refers to the light absorption time is short and sensitive to the source of light, quickly show a luminous effect: “going fast” refers to its short afterglow time. It is easy to show the characteristics of luminous effect, which makes it widely used in many industries and products. Advantages of short-acting noctilucent powder: easy to perform noctilucent effect, the initial brightness is higher. Disadvantages: short luminous time.

1. Low light absorption requirement. (weak light source can be activated)
2. The initial brightness is high. (up to 14000mcd/㎡ from light source)
3. Water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance.
4. Non-toxic, harmless, no radiation, can be widely used safely
5. Injection does not blacken easily

Zinc sulfide short-acting luminous powder parameters: 1. Chemical composition: zns.cu2. Average particle size: 10-20um3. It can be used in water-based solvent. 4. Usage: short-effect luminous powder has the advantages of high temperature resistance, photosensitive special speed, good injection molding performance, etc. It is suitable for printing, injection molding, printing, silica gel, watch and clock, toys, etc