Common types of luminescence


Lamp with material

Fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, black light lamp, high pressure mercury lamp, low pressure mercury lamp, LED conversion combination white light

Long afterglow material

Radioactive permanent luminescence, super long afterglow, long afterglow

Ultraviolet luminescent material

Long wave 3650 luminescence, short wave 2537 luminescence, vacuum ultraviolet luminescence, quantum dot luminescence…

Infrared luminescent material

Up-conversion luminescence, infrared emission, thermoluminescence, multiphoton materials

Fluorescent dye \ pigment

Rare earth fluorescence, organic fluorescence


High luminous

Dc powder DCEL, ac powder ACEL, thin film luminescence, thick film luminescence, organic luminescence

Low field emitting

LED, oel-oled, silicon-based, semiconductor laser

Cathode-ray luminescence

Luminous material for color television

Black and white TV luminescent material

Pixel tube material

Low pressure fluorescent material

Super short afterglow material


Alpha ray luminescence material, beta ray luminescence material, gamma ray luminescence material, tritium emission luminescence material, scintillation crystal material

X ray luminescence

X store luminous materials

X sensitized luminescent material

CT scans luminous materials


Single crystal luminescence, microcrystal luminescence


Luminescence of organic compounds (fluorescent dyes)

Liquid light

Organic rare earth luminescence


Enzyme luminescence, organic luminescence,

Reflective luminescence (geometric optics)

Optical coating reflective materials, glass beads reflective materials

Quantum dot luminescence