Conversion of luminous powder,phosphor into nanometer, micron and mesh unit

1 cm (cm)=10-2m =10 mm (mm);
1 mm (mm)=10-3m =1000 microns (um); (3-5 micron um noctilucent powder = 0.003mm noctilucent powder)
1 micron (um)=10-6m=1000 nanometers (nm); (3-5 micron um noctilucent powder = 3000nm noctilucent powder)
1 nanometer =10-9m [Virus size about 100 nanometers
Angstrom (Ao) = 10-10 m; One femtometer (FM) = 10 to 15 m
Nanometer (nm)= [10 to the -7 to the -9 meters] = size of fineness, about 180,000 mesh ~ 18 million mesh unit conversion.
Micron (um)= [10 to the -6 meters below] = fineness size reduced to about 18,000 mesh unit conversion. The ultimate fineness of microns is 18,000 meshes.
Trend nanometer = micro nanometer = between [10 ^ -6 m] and [10 ^ -7 m] = between 18000 mesh and 180,000 mesh.
Nanomaterials refer to materials whose microstructure size is less than 100nm and have some special properties.
When the material is processed to the nanoscale size, the material will undergo surprising changes and have unexpected functions. The nanoscale material has four effects: small size effect quantum size effect surface effect macro quantum tunneling effect, and these effects are all factors that produce functions.
There are two conditions for determining whether a material is nanomaterial: first, whether the particle size and grain size are less than 100nm; Second, it is different from the conventional material properties, none of the above is necessary.
The size distribution of nanometer health food powder varies from 100 to 1000 nm, and the mean value of differential volume is more than D50.
The particle size distribution of nanometer health food as measured by differential number: mean value of particle size distribution is more than D50;
Because of the fineness of nanometer, the volume ratio is between 100 nanometers and 1000 nanometers, and the particle number ratio is within 100 nanometers, the application of ultra-low temperature cooling grinding process will not produce material properties change, which is beneficial to human nutrition absorption.