Does the luminous light of the watch radiate to human body?

Watch with luminous function is really very cool, but whether luminous on the human body is harmful to believe that many people are not too understand, some people say luminous radiation, some people say luminous no radiation, so luminous in the end there is no radiation? Today I’m going to talk to you about the watch luminous those things.
Luminous watches is to facilitate the people can get in the darkness of night time, and luminous watch real popular and military inseparable relationship, want to know when performing a task for night time is very difficult, if use other light are easily exposed position, is not conducive to lurk, so luminous watch it is very important.
The earliest noctilucent watch is radium noctilucent, students in the textbook Madame Curie found the radium element I believe we must still have the impression, said is this radium. Radium is a radioactive element, through some kind of synthesis will produce a certain brightness of spontaneous light, but this kind of luminous luminous table is harmful to the human body, because radium is the standard radiation and highly toxic, even if the amount of very little and glass mirror protection will produce certain harm to the human body.
Later, in the 1950s, global chemical and industrial research institutions began to limit the use of radium in general fields, so the replacement of radium element “tritium” in this period came to the stage of history. But this tritium, like radium, is a radioactive material, although much less radioactive than radium, and much safer.
But tritium made of luminous watch, luminous effective life is about 10 years, and after this time luminous will not aging yellow, so this is why we see the antique watch luminous yellow reason. Although this kind of tritium luminous watch is very small harm to human health, but after all, there is a certain harm.
Later in the 1990s, with the development of science and technology, the truly non-radiating Luminova luminous material is a new type of long-afterglow storage rare earth base-alkali earth aluminate fluorescent material, which is very environmentally friendly. Different from traditional luminous materials, it does not contain any harmful elements at all, and has more stable chemical properties, high brightness and long afterglow time. All in all, very good
Ideally, Luminova can add a variety of color combinations — pink, blue, yellow, red, etc. — to create a colorful luminous effect that further enriches the watch design.
The material was then developed into an updated version of Super-Luminova, which requires only a few minutes of light to shine continuously for hours, such as the luminous material used in the famous Rolex Water Ghost. So does the luminous watch have radiation? If it is between radium or tritium, there is radiation, and today’s Super-Luminova is harmless to the human body.