Examples and formulations of application of luminous powder in coatings and inks

May be mixed with a variety of transparent resin coatings and ink to make the glow in dark paint or inks. Such resins include acrylic resins, urethane resins, epoxy resins, amino resins, polyvinyl butyral resins, polyamide resins, etc., in coatings used in a proportion of 10% -50%, the proportion of the ink is 30% to 60% as well, the above-mentioned resin is dissolved with an appropriate solvent, adding luminescent pigment, and then adding a suitable anti-settling agents, antifoaming agents, dispersant mixed with a high speed mixer evenly but do not use edger grinding to avoid damage photoluminescent pigment characteristics; If you use sand,

Time is as short as possible, mainly emitting pigment dispersed.

(1) Example 1

Ingredients% wt

Photoluminescent pigment 35

Acrylic resin 38

Xylene 7

Butyl acetate 8

Defoamers right amount

Dispersant Deuchem R-920 1

Fumed silica 0.8

This formula applies to painted panels, dials, etc.

(2) Example 2

Ingredients% wt

Photoluminescent pigment 50

Thermosetting acrylic resin 30

Fumed silica 0.8

Dispersant ByK-300 1

Defoamers right amount

3 . Photo luminescent pigments for screen printing, printing, printing pastes with

Examples of one:% wt

Foam printing paste 60

Bang pulp 20

Fixative 2

Photoluminescent pigment 18

Usage: After mixing, the screen printing, now with the existing, run out of time (to avoid gel).

Example 2: Dyeing

Bang pulp 50g

1000g of deionized water

Softener 10g

Glow in the dark powder 100g

The fabric is immersed in the solution dyeing uniformity, dry out the water, gas and iron molding.

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