How to choose professional photoluminescent stone manufacturer

Photoluminescent stone is very common in life, hotels, hotels, parks or families, etc., luminescent stone has all the functions of ordinary stone, at night can also emit colorful light, colorful luminescent stone, can beautify the role of the environment, and bring great convenience for life. In China, there are many manufacturers of luminous powder, so there are many manufacturers of luminous stone. How to choose a reliable supplier of luminous products? First of all, we should test the samples. In addition, we can judge the professional level of the manufacturer by communicating with the sales staff. The test of afterglow brightness can reflect the quality directly.
For example, in our company, we use our own luminescent powder to produce luminous stones. On the one hand, it can save the cost, and on the other hand, it can guarantee the stability and consistency of quality. At the same time, because we have been producing luminous stones for many years, we have developed many styles. Quality control is also very experienced.
There is another type of manufacturer that makes all kinds of stones and they buy our glow-in-the-dark powder to make glow-in-the-dark stones. Generally speaking, the manufacturers of luminous gravel and pebbles in the Chinese market are mainly these two types. One is specialized in luminous products, such as ours. Another is a company that makes all kinds of artificial stones.
According to shine stone quality and choose a good manufacturer, the shining stone, with good quality, high strength, acid and alkali resistance and anticorrosive property aging superior performance, determine the service life of the light stone, good appearance, at the same time, the night light colour effect is good, need to be super long afterglow luminescence time, etc., is based on raw materials on the basis of good, of course, at the same time, combined with standard production process.
Experienced manufacturers, on the basis of quality assurance of luminescent stone, at the same time product price and quality are generally proportional to the relationship. That is to say, general quality good luminescent stone, luminescent stone price will also be slightly higher. So according to the price can probably understand the level of product quality, and can be customized according to the actual use of the requirements of luminous stone.
As for the better Chinese manufacturers of luminous stones, they usually have experienced production technology and standard production process, and have the ability to customize various types of luminous stones according to customer requirements. In addition to advanced production technology and standard process, in addition to the continuous improvement of the process, to ensure the basic conditions of product quality, and reduce costs. These are the conditions that a good manufacturer should have.