Instructions for the use of long-acting luminous powder, main technical indicators

Long-term luminous powder soil type belong to alkaline earth aluminate long afterglow luminescence materials, components can be expressed as: Al2O3 · (Sr, Mg, Ca) O: (Eu, La, Dy) B, can be in the sun or light absorbance 5-20 minutes later, will absorb the light energy stored in the crystal lattice, after can convert the energy into light energy in the dark and light, which can effectively sustained glow (luminescence brightness is more than 10 MCD/m2) to 8 to 10 hours, luminous intensity attenuation to the lower limit of the human eye observation (0. 32mcd/m2) can be up to more than 70 hours, stable chemical properties, light absorption, storage, luminescence process can be repeated, the service life of up to 20 years. This kind of material is not toxic, does not contain radioactivity, the production process also does not have the harmful substance to produce.

Because of the above characteristics, so that it can be widely used in many different fields, can be made into coating, ink, plastic, rubber, paper, film, etc., the application of safety in consumer goods, such as: in the clothing, shoes and hats, stationery, watches and clocks, switches, panels, fishing paraphernalia, decorations, crafts and sports goods, in architecture decoration, transportation, military installations, fire emergency system, such as: in and out of the signs, escape, rescue route sign indicating system, has a good and reliable effect.

Main technical indexes of long-acting luminous powder:

1. The main component of this product is strontium aluminate (SrO) ·(MgO)0. 1 · Al2O3 (EuO, Dy2O3) 0. 01 b.

2. The proportion of The density of the product is 3.4-3.6, and the loose weight is between 1.5 and 2.5. Different models are different.

3. Firing time

Under different illuminations, the excitation time required is different. Under D65 illumination of 500-1000lux, the time required is about 15-30 minutes. Different types of products are also slightly different.

4. Light fastness

No significant change was observed for 200 hours under daily strong light and ultraviolet light.

5. Resistance to water

The untreated product was immersed in water for 1 hour without any obvious change, and then it was hydrolyzed gradually, turning white and losing its afterglow characteristics. (blue light and red noctilucent powder belong to another system, and immersion water does not change the luminous performance.)

6. radioactive

After testing by the relevant state departments, no radioactivity.

7. Heat resistance

Yellow-green powder from 400 degrees Celsius brightness performance began to decline, after 600 degrees down more than 30%, the heat resistance of blue-green powder than yellow-green powder 200 degrees higher.