Invisible mural paint, invisible photoreceptive murals have broad market prospects

UV phosphors, UV powders, and invisible photo murals are the latest in the entertainment industry. Invisible paintings are popular in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, etc., and are still blank in the domestic market. Such a large Chinese entertainment and leisure venue and home decoration market, the prospect of invisible painting is extremely attractive. At present, the entertainment industry in mainland China is developing rapidly, the decoration grades are constantly improving, and the customers’ requirements for the atmosphere of the business premises are getting higher and higher. Leaping invisible murals is not only a brand new decoration technology, but also a perfect embodiment of the decoration art. A good gold medal project – invisible murals invite you to join!

The product is on the market and immediately sought after by all walks of life. All major entertainment venues and major decoration companies have attracted their attention. This product is very suitable for nightclubs, KTV, city, bar, disco, leisure center, bathing center. , cinemas, game halls, hotel buildings, home decoration, etc., a wide range of applications.

Invisible photographic paint can be directly painted on non-reflective materials such as walls, wall coverings, wallpapers, wood products, plasters, etc., and can also be used as packaging materials, and it can be used as a security material, and this pigment and Other pigment blending can also make black and white patterns to change the color pattern, the characters are easy to accommodate, the clothing is discolored, the scenery changes seasons, the paintings in the paintings and other magical effects, and the decoration can achieve a variety of decorative effects. Materials are irreplaceable.

First, what is “invisible photosensitive mural”?

“Invisible Photographic Mural” is a high-tech new type of interior decoration products originated from the United States. The “invisible murals” developed by our company are invisible (that is, white) under daylight and ordinary light, only in the BLB that is the shining of the purple light. It shows a gorgeous color.

Second, the principle and characteristics of invisible pigments?

Invisible pigments are based on the physical principle of metal body reflection. Under the illumination of special light sources, the pattern drawn by the product is developed. The “Invisible Photographic Mural” has beautiful colors, rich layers, novel patterns and strong three-dimensionality.

Third. What is the difference between the light emitted by the violet light and the ultraviolet light?

Ultraviolet light emits light at a wavelength of 257 angstroms, which kills white blood cells and is harmful to the body. The purple light is an ordinary lighting accessory. (For example, a counterfeit light), the purple light emits a weak purple light with a wavelength of 3,650 angstroms, which is harmless to the body.

Fourth.What is the difference between invisible pigments and fluorescent materials?

Fluorescent materials need to absorb energy from the outside, and then release energy, while carrying some radioactive elements that damage people’s health. Invisible pigments produce images that are simply physical reflections, like the principle of planar mirror imaging. The light and shadow of fluorescent materials are blurred, and the pictures made by invisible pigments are colorful and lifelike, often giving people a wonderful feeling of being there.

Fifth.What are the characteristics of “invisible photoreceptive murals”?

This product is non-toxic, harmless and non-radioactive, and its safety is in line with relevant national standards. At the same time, it has high corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof and flame retardant, no peeling and no peeling, and long life.