Luminous ink, paint preparation and use methods

When using luminous powder to mix paint and ink, in order to achieve the best luminous effect, the choice of paint or ink is very important. Choice of paint and ink:

Has colorless and transparent, good light transmittance, especially good uv transmittance (i.e. no uv resistance).

Varnish of organic solvent series.

Resistant to light and weather and stable chemical properties.

The surface adhesion of products to be painted is good (depending on the base material).

In accordance with the above characteristics of paint or ink have alkyd, propionic acid, epoxy resin and other products.

The blending of paint, ink and luminous powder

The higher the content of luminous powder, the brighter the brightness. However, in order to make luminous powder and coating products have appropriate adhesion, the proportion of resin should not be less than 10%. Of course, the higher the ratio of resins, the higher the smoothness and finish of the luminescent coating. Therefore, the dosage of luminous powder is generally 20-60% of the total weight, 10-35% of the volume, or according to the requirements of luminous brightness.


Make sure to mix evenly and do not grind the toilet before use. Use glass or enamel lined containers where possible.

Apply a white background to increase brightness before applying the luminescent layer.

The thickness of the diaphragm shall be greater than 100 mm. When the dosage is 50% and the luminous coating thickness is 150 meters, the luminous effect is the best.

It can improve the water resistance and surface finish of products.

The viscosity of ink used in mulch is about 3000-5000. When printing, use diluents to adjust the viscosity according to the speed of printing.

In the screen should be selected 200 mesh under the screen should be selected. The larger the screen aperture, the better the results.

To reduce precipitation, use a viscous medium or an anti-precipitation agent and print the mixture first.

Apply to the printing system. Keep the whole system dry.

Matters needing attention

Do not use heavy metal compounds as additives at any time and try to avoid grinding luminous powder with metal containers and metal mixers.

The proportion of luminous powder is large, long time will have precipitation. However, it can be used after stirring, without affecting its luminous effect.

(3) using the wide temperature range – 60 ゜ C – 500゜ C.