Luminous road decorated with glow in dark stones

A new planner inspired by van gogh’s famous painting “starry night”, planned a “luminous bicycle path”, high, low power consumption, long life, fast start, small power, no stroboscopic, not easy to produce visual fatigue and other advantages, LED; Floor tile lamp is a product often used in lighting of night scene in recent years, the surface cover of the lamp body that USES stainless steel plate one body and toughened ground glass is used outdoor square whether to achieve truly peculiar. ; The road is inlaid with countless small stones that glow with blue and green, which is amazing at night. Why is luminous pavement so beautiful? As the luminous road absorbs daylight during the day, the stored energy is gradually released into the attractive light at night, which may last for several hours. At night, the sight of this beautiful luminous road, the mind of childhood memories will be presented, showing a beautiful vision.
In the road marking lane, sidewalk line and various road signs, can store the daylight and traffic lights at night, sparkling, constitute a “luminous highway”, add luster to the city night, convenient night vehicles. Since the construction of the first luminous pavement in the Netherlands, luminous pavement as a prevailing trend has been spread internationally. When people walk on the beautiful road at night to enjoy the scenery, they will not only ask what function the luminous pavement has besides appreciation?
In the foggy climate, the road visibility decreased, especially in the foggy night, the road reflective line blurred, if you can use the glow-in-the-dark road in the foggy climate, can let the driver and pedestrian can be more clear
Clearly identify the road outline, make travel safer. , constant current output, super energy saving and long service life. Equipped with mounting bracket, easy to install and debug, adjustable Angle of view. Maintenance free during use. Suitable for outdoor environment, waterproof and dustproof. ;
The decoration of various landscape buildings will also be applied in various indoor environments for decoration. Luminescent stone has a very delicate appearance, and the overall brightness and aesthetics can also reach a more lasting standard, in the process of decoration can play a very stable effect, can present a more dazzling color aesthetics, a variety of colors can be chosen,; To ensure the safety of low-carbon travel supply. If can use luminous road surface to come nocturnal illume, every kilometer needs to invest tens of thousands of yuan only, be equivalent to a year of electric charge only, do not need follow-up protection, went out for low carbon supply safe assure.