Luminous “toxic”? Talk about the knowledge of luminous watches

In the dark night, a shiny watch can save a lot of trouble.
Many watches will be coated with luminous paint on the hands and scales, so that people can watch at night.
After more than a hundred years of evolution, the luminous material of the watch has undergone earth-shaking changes.
Do you know if these materials are harmful to the human body?
Today, let’s take a look at the paint of luminous watches.
Rolex uses the innovative Chromalight luminous display on the new DEEPSEA diving watch, which effectively improves the clarity. The blue luminous display time is twice that of ordinary luminous materials.
Fluorescent coating materials can be divided into two types: self-luminous type and light storage type.
Self-luminous fluorescent agents mostly rely on the release of trace radioactive substances carried by themselves to excite the fluorescent agents to emit light.
The earliest self-luminous fluorescent paint is a mixture of zinc sulfide and radioactive element radium.
Radium paint on hands and scales
At the time, it was discovered that if radium and zinc sulfide were mixed, the zinc sulfide would emit light by itself, and it would be excited without the need for sunlight or light.
As a result, this kind of “trans-era” luminous material made of radioactive radium, which is harmful to human body, began to spread rapidly. Since the 1930s, the luminous materials used in watches are basically this material.
The light storage type fluorescent agent basically does not contain radioactive materials, as long as it absorbs and stores sufficient intensity of external light to store energy.
When the surrounding environment is dark, the fluorescent agent starts to emit light. However, the light-storing type fluorescent material itself does not carry the ray excitation material, so the afterglow durability is temporarily not as good as the self-luminous type.



Because radium is a radiation and highly toxic substance, the application of radium is limited in the industrial field, and the tritium tube that appeared subsequently quickly replaced radium as the main material for luminous display. The tritium tube does not require external energy or reflection from an external light source, and can be kept stable all the time. The brightness intensity is 100 times that of traditional luminous paint. And the radiation of tritium is small, as long as the tritium tube is not broken, it will not harm the human body. But after 12.5 years, tritium’s luminous effect will deteriorate, and it will begin to age and turn yellow, gradually losing its luminous effect.
As a result, new luminous materials appeared again, namely new long-lasting light-storage rare earth-based alkaline earth aluminate fluorescent materials.
This new type of fluorescent material is an environmentally friendly material without radiation. Its basic chemical composition is inorganic aluminate, which is very stable. The light resistance is very strong, even after years of use, the light will not turn yellow. When it comes to luminous materials, we have to mention Panerai watches, which have multiple patents on the use of luminous materials. In 1949, Panerai applied for a patent Luminor luminous technology, and now the series of watches named after Luminor have been in production. Although the tritium tube is not as harmful to the human body as luminous material, it is still subject to extremely small amounts of radiation when wearing a watch. When the watch is removed, there is no direct radiation. This is why the source of “removing the luminous watch when sleeping at night” has been circulating. In fact, the amount of tritium material used on the watch is really small, so its radiation hazard is very, very small, equivalent to no. This ray is difficult to penetrate even the sapphire crystal. Even if the tritium trachea ruptures, the harm of tritium leakage to human body is not worth mentioning. The luminous watches on the market are almost all new fluorescent materials made with more advanced technology. They have many advantages such as no radiation, strong stability, and no color change. They will basically not harm the human body. Luminous!