Market application and development space of long afterglow self-luminous materials

In the field of building decoration, self-luminous materials are energy-saving, environment-friendly and low-carbon new building materials. The application of new self-luminous materials brings inestimable market value and practical value. City square, parking lot, residential pedestrian road, commercial pedestrian street, hotel, home decoration, traffic road zebra crossing update, traffic line, pedestrian walkway, roadside stone beautification, city riverside night, green pedestrian path, tourist attractions, pond edge beautification, etc., will be put into use a large number of self-luminous materials. So luminous trail brick has broad application value and development prospect.

Take the stair luminous stepping stone as an example. Two ordinary bulbs of 60W are installed on each floor of each corridor, and 8 hours of night lighting every day. Then the annual power consumption of 10 floors and 10 units is 35040KW/h. Using our self-luminous stair stepping stone can save 24,528 yuan per year (at 0.7 yuan/KWH). Not including electrical construction and electrical equipment.

Street lamp lighting is local, and again energy-saving lamp is electricity consumption, but the use of our luminous tile products, can spread to every corner of the trail, go to any place have light. And it’s colorful, with very different effects.

It saves the construction of street lamp facilities and power supply facilities, and saves a large amount of investment by developers. Especially save electricity. According to the calculation of 20 street lamps, each lamp is 100W×20 =2000W, and the electricity consumption per night is 8 hours, so the electricity consumption per night is 16KW/h. And every year there is a considerable maintenance circuit fee, electrical replacement fee, but also to ensure the safety of electricity. Prevent natural disasters when the damage, property companies to provide professional electricians and so on a lot of costs.

The use of self-luminous materials, can replace 30-50% of the lights, reduce the production of lights of carbon dioxide emissions, is conducive to reduce the “greenhouse effect”, therefore, self-luminous materials have the significance of sustainable development. In short, self-luminous material is a kind of new building materials with high-tech content, green environmental protection and sustainable development.

And city square, parking lot, village road walk luminous trails stone just is only a small aspect of the illuminated material application, the self-luminous materials can also be used in the commercial pedestrian street, hotel, home decoration, traffic road zebra crossing update, lane, sidewalks, luyandan beautification, the dim light of night, the green city by the trails, tourist attractions, such as the pond edge beautification. Thus plays a good role in lighting up the landscape and clearly indicating the traffic. Such extensive application is bound to bring inestimable economic and social benefits.