Method for applying photoluminescent powder to glass products

First, the general use of 110 mesh photoluminescent powder is better.
Two, can generally be used as noctilucent powder for ordinary pigment, according to the actual production in the process of time, choose suitable for oily ink filters for additives are fully mixing (do not use metal containers, lest time is long will turn black), after fully mix with 80 mesh network printing (sieving in advance is better), to be luminous intensity and long time, can be printed a few times more, generally for two to three times more appropriate.
Three, if it is necessary to mix with soluble block or transparent glaze, photoluminescent powder in soluble block or transparent glaze ratio is generally 1:1 or 6:4 or 6:10, the main body can be adjusted according to the effect to achieve.
Four, luminous powder can be mixed with glass color infiltration use, can take cold spray or spraying method to achieve the desired effect.
The above is a brief introduction of the application of photoluminescent powder on glass products