Photoluminescent pigment and polyvinyl chloride resin formulation

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 16-18% plus ring has 0%, hot melt after as puree. Wataru first ring B into the container, then add PVC. And with the added with partners. Upon completion of the addition, this container does not exceed 50 ℃ in hot water and dissolved with stirring 15 minutes, until the PVC fully dissolved, which is puree puree Photoluminescent pigment30% plus 100% stir for 30 minutes Become a luminous plasma, the other plus glow in dark powder varnish or glue the end of the 107 plus luminous glow powders can be prepared with the use of different pulp.

Photoluminescent pigment and unsaturated polyester resin formulations

The first time the estimated amount of product produced 191 prospective amount of resin cups into the container, then add 191 resin, 20 parts per 100 parts glow in dark powder, stir together 2-4 parts hardener, stir well, add 1-2 parts of accelerator, sufficiently stirred, the above procedure can not be reversed formulated.

Several questions

When dissolved in indirect puree with warm water, hot water does not exceed the maximum temperature of 65 ℃, the minimum can not be less than 48℃.

PVC construction materials in the winter may be appropriate to give a little to make it thickens some, the summer construction should be appropriate cyclohexanone Cadogan some thinning otherwise make poor scraping

The above formulation has a poor quality of raw material problems, such as when a large amount of work, with a good first luminous paste, once a trial to identify the optimal ratio of raw materials to achieve the best results.

Use unsaturated resin Precautions

① construction temperature, the ambient temperature is not lower than that during construction of 15 ℃, air relative humidity should be less than 80%.

② The maximum amount of the curing agent is not more than 6%, the minimum amount of water is less than 0.5% accelerator.

③ mediation resin curing rate is generally only the amount of change in the accelerator.

Available styrene resin viscosity is too diluted when

④ the 1st hardener must be used on the 1st accelerator, the 2nd with the 2nd curing agent accelerator must not be misused.

You can not use the curing agent and accelerator simultaneously added to the resin, a mixture of both or near prohibited place.

⑤ not fitted with bronze resin, phenolic resin powder and never got into sulfuric acid, rubber, copper, methanol and other objects, in particular water and water vapor in the bottom frame, otherwise it will affect the performance of resin and finished finish.

⑥ resins and solid, promoting two lines flammable, use, storage, transport should be careful. Should be stored in a cool place, not near the fire, nor the mouth spacious store.

⑦ tool can take care of themselves in front of the uncured resin, sawdust with warm water, add detergent wash, some molds or tools