precautions for mixing ink or paint with luminous powder

As a kind of functional coating, it is made up of luminous powder, base material and various auxiliaries. After applying luminous powder, it absorbs light for 10-30 minutes, and can continue to shine in the dark for 12 hours, and the process of light absorption and luminescence can cycle indefinitely, presenting good low-degree emergency lighting, indicating signs and decorative beautification effect. And in luminous powder inks need to pay attention to the following:
1, mix with neutral or weak alkaline transparent resin recommended ratio of 40-60%, commonly used 50%, the higher the ratio, the brighter the luminescence.
2. Use glass, ceramic or plastic containers for storage. Do not use metal for mixing and dispersing.
3, because the luminous powder ratio is large and easy to precipitate, adjust the ink coating to be fully stirred before use.
4. The printing background color is mainly white and reflective color, which can improve the brightness and luminous time.
5. To achieve good luminous effect, try not to choose luminous powder with too fine particle size. The smaller the particle size, the weaker the luminance. Printing or coating thickness above 130um is preferred (80 mesh printing twice).