Production technology and equipment of paint coating

One, coating production technology
Coating production process refers to the production of paint raw materials and semi-finished products through the equipment they are processed into a finished product of a material transfer or transformation process, its production process includes: mixing, homogenization, dispersion and other operational processes. The different that produces factory enterprise to be able to be mixed according to coating product kind and its processing characteristic commonly, choose appropriate, decide basic craft mode again.
One of the most critical parts of paint production is the dispersion effect of pigment ingredients. In order to make color paint by adding pigment into base material, it is necessary to disperse the aggregate particles of the pigment, separate the particles of the pigment from the particles, and evenly distribute them in the paint, finally becoming a colloidal suspension body. The good dispersion effect of pigment in liquid medium has a direct influence on the color and aesthetic feeling of paint as well as its physical properties, such as adhesion, durability and storage stability.
Second, the coating production equipment
Paint is commonly used to decorate a kind of decoration materials, its quality and is closely related with the dispersed particle size of production equipment, using high shear emulsifying machine production of coatings, stable operation, low noise, easy to clean, flexible, can use as well as to the material can be carried out continuously superfine dispersion, emulsification of these advantages, particularly suited to paint, emulsion, homogeneous and dispersion can significantly improve the quality of coating products.
In the production of coatings, it is often necessary to solve a key problem – pigment aggregation due to the greater molecular attraction, relatively strong adhesion, more difficult to disperse. So pigment dispersion with high shear emulsifying machine, usually in a high shear emulsifying machine, pigment aggregates by high-frequency mechanical strong shear force – in a short time, bear the shearing action of hundreds of thousands of times, the material in the precision of the rotor, stator gaps under the action of centrifugal friction, high speed impact fragmentation, crushing, scattered, coupled with high shear emulsifying machine direction changing device, scatter paint emulsification effect to further strengthen, it’s easy to let the pigment particles evenly dispersed in the matrix of the liquid.