Colored glow in dark masterbatch

Colored glow in dark masterbatch

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Luminous powder is mainly yellow green light or blue light, so customers will try to add fluorescent dye, so that luminous light can emit different light. The downside, however, is that the brightness of the night light is much lower. In addition, noctilucent used in the injection, and easy to rub metal and black. So we can develop different light at night, but the brightness is good luminous masterbatch, let the customer apply in the injection

We are playing a high concentration of luminous masterbatch, luminous powder content up to 70%. Therefore, the addition amount of luminous masterbatch is relatively low. In the injection, the customer’s plastic particles are relatively much more, which can reduce the luminous powder in the material tube, with the metal friction chance.

Noctilucent powders are well dispersed in the masterbatch, so despite the addition of fluorescent toners, they can have better noctilucent brightness than products currently on the market. The amount of luminous powder inside can also be low

The recommended injection ratio is 11 PHR. Self-adjusting +/-3.5PHR. PHR(Per Hundred Ratio) means how many kilograms of masterbatch should be added to 100 kilograms of plastic. For example,11PHR is 100kg plastic granules, which requires 11kg of our masterbatch. With this calculation, the luminous powder content of the terminal is about 7.5%

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