Glow in dark glass mosaic tile

Other keywords: photoluminescent mosaic tile, luminous glass mosaic, glow mosaic tile

Glow color: yellow green, blue green, sky blue

Size: 297*297mm each sheet, 25*25*4mm each granule or make as requests

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No power supply, all night light, energy conservation and environmental protection!

Under natural light, it looks like ordinary Mosaic, with colors such as light yellow green and white, and yellow green, blue green and sky blue in dark places. Energy saving and environmental protection realize the function of weak light lighting. Light through, add extraordinary mystery color and infinite romantic sentiment to the building itself in the night! Swimming pool, science and technology museum, theater, television tower, kindergarten, playground (terrorist house), flower-stand waterside pavilion, a castle in the courtyard, temple garden temple island, bathroom furniture, Disco, dance hall, skating rink, bars, clubs, etc., especially under the condition of the surrounding environment is very dark night and in the application of interior wall, ground, glowing effect is more apparent. In the design and construction, if auxiliary matching ultraviolet lamp, energy saving lamp and fluorescent lamp are illuminated, after turning off the lamp, the building itself will have a sense of emerald jade crystal and transparent, transparent and luminous, quiet and profound, adding mysterious color and infinite romance to the building in the night. And, as much as ordinary crystal mosaics cost, luminous mosaics can save lives in distress.

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