Glow in dark ink jet print paper

Glow in dark ink jet print paper

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Luminous ink jet printing film, smooth and flat, no shrinkage, no warping edge, no deformation, suitable for a variety of water-based ink jet printers, image restoration ability, resistance to yellow can be long-term preservation. At night or in the dark to give a person a novel feeling, luminous bright transparent color, vivid image, can achieve a large area of application.

1. Main features:
A. main ingredients include PET, PU, PE and other materials, recyclable, degradable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
B. Good weather resistance, suitable for hot and cold areas.
C. Good ink absorption, convenient for printing.
D. High luminance, multiple colors available, uniform and transparent, good application effect, energy saving without power consumption.

2. Application fields:
Glow-in-the-dark inkjet printing film is widely used in decoration, religious pictures, crafts, photographs and so on.

3. Usage:
A. It is mainly used for inkjet printing. Please keep the surface clean and dry.
B. The printed photos should be remounted after drying. (it can be dried in oven, and the temperature is controlled at about 50℃)
C. Printing Settings: to achieve the best effect, it is recommended to choose photos, inkjet slides and other functions for printing (different models have different Settings, when printing large pictures, please print small pictures for testing, and adjust to the best printing effect).

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