Glow in dark powder

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New magnesium strontium aluminate long afterglow luminescent powder (English name: photoluminescent pigment), the chemical formula for SrMgAl4O8: Eu2 + Dy3 +, it can absorb the light during the day or light 10 ~ 30 minutes later, at night or dark bright fluorescence, director of the time because of the product does not contain any radioactive elements and toxic heavy metals, therefore avirulent, harmless, and no inflammable, explosive, safe to human body, is a kind of environment-friendly material, after Beijing di jie, air technology development co., LTD., appraisal, do not belong to the air transport of dangerous goods. The product does not contain radioactive elements, can be used as an additive, evenly distributed in such as: coating, ink, paint, plastic, printing paste, ceramics, glass, fiber and other transparent medium, medium luminous function. All kinds of luminescent products made with this pigment can be safely used in daily consumer goods such as clothing, shoes and hats, stationery, clocks and watches, switches, signage, fishing gear, toys, handicrafts and sporting goods.

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