Luminous fabric

Other keywords: photoluminescent flannel, glow in the dark cloth materials

Available type: Plush cloth, short plush cloth, printed flannelette

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Glow in dark fabric is made from photoluminescent materials ,does not contain any radioactive material and formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances. Safety, environmental protection, there are a variety of colors and fabrics to choose from different hair lengths. Its production of toys will make all kinds of colored light at night, the light emitted from within the toy velvet, with a jade-like transparent feeling. Luminescence time for 5-12 hours.

For the production of luminous plush toys, children’s school supplies, car interiors, cushions, slippers, sneakers. Running shoes, apparel nightclub, safety vests, bed sheets, bedspreads, sofa covers, camping tents, sleeping bags and the like. This product is available in a variety of color printing and dyeing, as a hotel or KTV rooms and other senior interior. After turn off the lights at night, the whole room will be filled with soft, elegant, dreamy warmth.

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