Luminous safety helmet

Luminous safety helmet

Keywords: glow in the dark helmet, photoluminescent safety helmet

Origin: China

Materials: ABS ( Engineering plastics )

Function: electrical insulation, anti – crash, puncture etc..

Application: scenario petrochemical, power plant, oil, construction, highway, etc..

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About glow safety helmet
Glow in dark helmet Made from the photoluminescent materials with resin materials, can be glow in the darkness by iteself after aborbed the daylight or lamp light. It is non toxic, non radioactive and environment friendly green products.
The glow helmet not only have the protection function, but also have remind caution function. Inside can adjust degree of tightness. Comfortable for wear, firmly and security capability is good.
The glow helmet use as same as other standard helmet in day. When in night, they can glowing with yellow green light, so can easy to see the workers in building site. Further protect the construction workers safety.
High strength. The helmet meets the QS/LA certification, passes the most stringent requirements for vertical impact resistance and puncture, and complies with the gb2811-2007 standard. It can prevent heavy objects from falling on the head during working hours to ensure that the head will not suffer fatal injuries. Insulation properties are suitable for workplaces that may be exposed to three-phase alternating current (ac) below 400W. The product is tested strictly in accordance with the provisions of gb2811-2007, the leakage current is far lower than 1.2ma, and the surface resistivity of the product’s anti-static performance is not greater than 1*102.

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