Photoluminescent Plastic Masterbatch

Photoluminescent Plastic Masterbatch

Other keywords: glow in dark plastic master batch

Available glow color: yellow green, blue green, sky blue

Available materials type: PP, ABS,HDPE

Glow pigments content: 20%, 30% or make as requests

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Photoluminescent plastic masterbatch is a kind of plastic masterbatch with self-luminous function. It is processed by our long-lasting luminous powder. It can be made into various plastic products directly or in combination with other similar plastics. This masterbatch and product not only have the characteristics of ordinary plastic, but also have self-illuminating function, and at the same time, it has high artistic appreciation value. It is characterized by absorbing and storing various visible light for 10-30 minutes, and it can last for more than 12 hours in the dark night, and the service life can be used repeatedly for more than 20 years. The product is non-toxic, harmless, non-radioactive, and can be used repeatedly indefinitely, which greatly increases the function of plastic products and expands the application fields of plastic products.

Product features and description:
Short light storage time, high brightness and long afterglow
Diversified plastic varieties (ABS, PP, PE, PC, UG, etc.)
The proportion of luminescent powder is appropriate, and it can be degraded as needed during use.
The glow in dark powder is evenly distributed and is not easy to precipitate during use.
Avoid high temperature contact with heavy metals during extrusion or injection molding


Example: PP polypropylene photoluminescent masterbatch instructions
Masterbatch composition: granulated by high-intensity photoluminescent powder and PP resin and various additives
Performance characteristics: luminous powder content concentration of 10-30%: The outstanding advantage is that the luminous powder is evenly dispersed in the product, and is convenient to use, and the various additives contained therein are beneficial to improve the aging property of the product and enhance the toughness.
Scope of application: It can be mixed with PP resin of various grades. It can also be mixed with other resins with good compatibility with PP resin. It can be made into various luminous plastic products by molding processing such as injection molding, extrusion and blow molding.

Method of use: The masterbatch and the PP resin are directly mixed to form a desired content, and can be used.
The compounding can be as follows:
(PP masterbatch): (PP resin) = 1: (M / N – 1)
M is the percentage of masterbatch photoluminescent pigment
N is the percentage of photoluminescent pigment required
For example, the masterbatch photoluminescent powder content is 30%, and the required content is 10%. The following calculations can be made:
(PP masterbatch): (PP resin) = 1: (0.3/0.1 – 1)


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