Setting characteristics of photoluminescent signs at different positions

Luminous signs are mainly used in fire evacuation indicator system, place-name indicator system, underground rail tunnel indicator system, shopping mall evacuation indicator system, public information indicator and warning system. The safety sign should be set at the main entrance and exit of the hazard source and near the hazard point. The use of luminous signs can not only serve as an indication of ordinary signs, but also play a guiding role in emergency evacuation. When there are multiple risk sources and risk factors in an area, the two factors should be determined together according to the risk degree and frequency, and the main risk sources and risk factors should be selected. Product features
1. Easy light absorption, strong luminous ability in dark places, can play the role of evacuation indication in dark places after absorbing visible light for a short time.
2, excitation light requirements are low, sunlight, low wattage general lighting, can be used as excitation conditions.
3. Fast light absorption speed and long luminescence duration, usually only 5-10 minutes can last for more than 10 hours in the dark, playing the role of information and instructions for escape in fire emergency.
4, convenient installation, easy installation on the ground, wall, ceiling, no wiring and other complicated procedures.
5, energy saving, light absorption process without any power supply.
6. Long service life, numerous cycles of absorption and luminance, luminance can still reach the fire evacuation standard within 15 years.