Special anti-counterfeiting ink, uv anti-counterfeiting paint, uv display ink

Security ink products:
Water color anti-counterfeiting ink. High-grade UV offset printing, screen printing four-color printing ink, colorless fluorescent anti-counterfeit printing ink series, colored fluorescent anti-counterfeit printing ink series, temperature change ink series, colorful color series, refraction ink series, luminous anti-counterfeit printing ink series, marked with reflective series, high performance, multiple color ink series (light, temperature) ticket special ink series, penetrating ink, printing ink, etc.
Security products of the main varieties and performance profiles
One, invisible colorless fluorescent security ink
This is a mature technology, easy to use anti – counterfeiting ink. Usually, it is white or colorless, printed on paper or plastic film does not show color, in the detector or ultraviolet light different varieties will show different colors. It is applicable to the security packaging of official documents, securities, certificates and all kinds of high-grade cigarettes, wine, drugs, cosmetics and other famous brands.
Two, colored fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink
This anti-counterfeiting ink in the detector or ultraviolet light can show the same color as the original color of the ink, mainly used for bills or other security requirements of printing, there are different colors for the user to choose.
Three, thermochromic ink
Also known as thermal ink, temperature change ink or temperature ink. This kind of ink is divided into three categories: at room temperature, show its specific color, after heating color fade or become another color, cool immediately back to the original color or show white; The second kind of temperature shows the color in the cooling after the cooling will not disappear, because its color change process is irreversible, known as “irreversible thermochromic (hair color) ink”; The third category is called “reversible thermosensitive color ink”, that is, after heating ink from one color to another color, cooling and then back to the original color.
Anti – counterfeiting products of the use of methods and technical requirements
One, invisible colorless fluorescent security ink
The use of colorless fluorescent ink and similar to the use of ordinary ink is basically the same. Usually used directly. Users may also add some solvents or additives as needed, such as:
1, offset printing: mineral oil, ink oil, crude wax, desiccant, slow drying agent
2. Screen printing: 783 thinner, blocking agent, defoaming agent, cyclohexanone, etc
3. Gravure printing: there are three kinds of diluent: slow dry, neutral and fast dry, which can be prepared by users:
A. Slow drying: xylene, butyl acetate, cyclohexanone weight ratio 1:1:1
B. Neutral: toluene (or xylene), butyl acetate, butanone weight ratio 1:1:1
C. Quick drying: toluene, butyl acetate, acetone weight ratio 1:1:1
Colorless fluorescent ink and the same type of four-color version of the ink can be made into a variety of colored fluorescent ink, but the luminous color and brightness will be added to the ink color and the number of different changes, the allocation of improper will affect the ink, the user should be under the guidance of the ink manufacturer, to modulate, or use a special ink.
Users should pay attention to the following points when using offset or gravure colorless fluorescent ink:
1. It is necessary to clean the ink roller and printing plate, the use of new ink roller is more ideal, otherwise, a very small amount of colored ink is also likely to make colorless glossy ink with color, affect the appearance of printing quality.
2. Different paper has different effects on colorless fluorescence. Because most of the paper surface is treated by fluorescent whitening agent, fluorescent whitening agent in the ultraviolet light will give off blue and white light, therefore, in the non-whitening paper (security paper, etc.) and paper containing whitening agent (such as ordinary paper), colorless fluorescent ink color effect is different. It should be noted that it is for this reason, colorless fluorescent blue ink is not suitable for paper containing a strong fluorescent brightener. Otherwise, the blue fluorescence will “drown” in the blue of the brightener.
3. This kind of ink can be printed on the non-pattern part of the printing, also can be printed on the pattern. In order to highlight the fluorescence effect, usually printed on the outermost layer of the pattern.
Two, thermochromic ink
This kind of ink due to temperature change material color concentration is low, so it is best used for the thick layer of screen and gravure printing, and screen printing is better than gravure printing effect. Users shall follow the following precautions:
1. Screen size for screen printing can be up to 500 mesh (under 300 mesh, the printing effect will be better). Gravure seiseido, version lines must be particularly deepened; The solvent used for gravure printing is cyclohexanone, xylene, etc.
2. Screen users can be based on the number of screen mesh and environmental temperature, the right amount of some 783 thinner, plugging agent. Gravure printing, can add xylene, butyl acetate and other solvents, but can not add alcohol and acetone solvents, to prevent the destruction of microcapsules.
3. , because they will react with iron, these two types of ink can not be stored in the iron container. After printing, remove the remaining ink from the press in time.
4. Warm to black and warm to blue can be used to hide other colors. For example, first with ordinary ink printed patterns or text and then with warm black or blue printed on it for cover. When heated, the top color disappears to reveal the pattern or text underneath; After cooling, it is covered again.
New optical color ink to achieve special anti – counterfeiting effect. Optical color-changing inks are the most complex interferometric anti-counterfeiting inks nowadays. The color-changing effect is realized by the light-changing pigments in the inks. Optical color-changing film is formed by depositing each material with different refractive index on the same carrier in high vacuum according to the design requirement of specific film system structure. Once the film thickness meets the light interference condition, a series of light interference effects will occur after being irradiated by light, and its color will change with the change of the Angle of view. As a result of this kind of optical color-changing ink anti-counterfeiting technology compared with other general anti-counterfeiting technology, with a wide range of application area, no need for any instrument identification, printing convenience, secrecy and other characteristics, and thus favored by the manufacturer.
At present, the latest anti-counterfeiting technologies are being promoted and recognized by printing industry, food industry and other industries. These anti-counterfeiting technologies include:
1. Heat change color security products. The product adopts a variety of temperature-changing materials to make anti-counterfeiting identification. Under the condition of hot air blower, the identification color changes temporarily or permanently. Anti-fake products (including reversible heat to change color use 2000 ~ 3000 times, color temperature is less than 70 ℃, 80 ℃) and irreversible change color anti-counterfeiting products.
2. Cold color anti – counterfeiting products. Including green become colorless, colorless green two.
3. Security seal oil and security seal technology. Anti-counterfeiting printing oil includes fluorescent anti-counterfeiting printing oil, printing table; Fluorescent anti-counterfeiting atomic printing oil; Encryption fluorescent anti – counterfeiting printing oil three. Anti-counterfeiting seal technology includes anti-counterfeiting atomic seal; Special character code security seal; Anti-counterfeiting copper seal.
4. Magnetic security products. This product is magnetic ink products made of magnetic materials.
5. Fluorescent security products. The product USES a variety of security inks printed security logo, under ultraviolet radiation, the logo can be displayed or issued color fluorescence or color. With organic fluorescent materials, the fluorescent effect of security labels can be maintained for at least 3 years. With inorganic fluorescent materials, the fluorescent effect of security labels can be maintained for more than 10 years.
6. Dynamic security technology. This is an ink-jet security coding system.
7. Laser rainbow molded holographic security logo. This technology includes two kinds of technology: laser holographic anti-counterfeiting logo and holographic encryption anti-counterfeiting trademark. Its holographic encryption anti-counterfeiting trademark is a combination of laser holography and fluorescence technology anti-counterfeiting products.
8. The product of the detected anti-counterfeiting technology. This anti-counterfeiting technology product is composed of A and B. Part A is A one-time special hidden color graphic logo made by special process. The text and pattern shape can be designed according to the intention of the manufacturer and the characteristics of the product. Part B is used to detect the hidden color of part A. The product can be used in both natural and light conditions.
Security label production includes: digital security label,
Laser security labels, uncover and scratch code security labels, special materials security labels, metal embedded wire security labels, weak magnetic security labels, integrated security labels. Security ink labels
1. Photo and ink jet printing are divided into:
1) outdoor sunfast pigment type (one-year outdoor warranty)
Type A: suitable for uncoated ordinary PVC fabric and backing
Type B: used for coating PVC cloth, back glue, light box cloth
2) outdoor super fast pigment type (outdoor warranty for three years)
Type A: for common VC can be sprayed cloth, back glue
Type B: PVC coated cloth, backing tape, light box cloth
3) indoor water-based dye, the product features: no blocking nozzle, pure and gorgeous color, the lowest price in China.
2, security ink
1) suitable for offset printing, letterpress printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, silk-screen printing and letterpress printing of colorless fluorescent inks and colorless fluorescence visible and invisible fluorescence, in which colorless fluorescence is divided into colorless fluorescence red, colorless fluorescence yellow, colorless fluorescence green, colorless fluorescence blue, colorless fluorescence white, colorless fluorescence orange red, colorless fluorescence orange yellow.
2) photochromic ink suitable for offset, letterpress, gravure, flexo and silk screen printing.
3) suitable for screen printing products with strong contrast refractive discoloration ink
4) reversible color changing ink suitable for gravure and silk screen printing. The color changing temperature can be set according to customer’s requirements.
5) suitable for offset, letterpress, gravure, flexo, screen printing irreversible thermal ink.
6) fluorescent high-resolution fingerprint ink.
3, security materials
1) colorless fluorescent pigments, including colorless fluorescent red, colorless fluorescent yellow, colorless fluorescent green and colorless fluorescent blue.
2) thermochromic pigment powder:
Characteristics: the color will change when the ambient temperature reaches the discoloration point. When the temperature is restored, the original color will be restored. When used, it cannot be ground, can only be dispersed at a high speed, and cannot be used with polar solvents of small molecules, so as not to affect the discoloration.
Color: yellow, green, blue, golden red, bright red, rose red, purple, brown, black, dark green, peacock blue.
Color changing temperature: 10oC, 20oC, 30oC, 40oC, 50oC, 60oC, 70oC, 78oC.
Scope of application: paint, ink, plastic, rubber.
3) photochromic toner
Properties: the material can change color when it is exposed to ultraviolet light by sunlight, and then returns to the colorless state when it is indoors.
Color: blue, purple
Scope of application: paint, ink, plastic, chameleon.
4) fluorescent fiber
Features: colorless filamentous, diameter 1.5d-3d
Color: colorless fluorescent red, colorless fluorescent yellow, colorless fluorescent blue.
Application: paper, textile and other.
Special ink for silk screen printing
(1) UV screen printing ink
1) uv-800mk strong three-dimensional wrinkle ink
2) uv-818mk inks for iron wrinkles
3) uv-a ultra-bright laser ink
4) uv-b universal laser ink
5) UV- marble braille convex ink
6) uv-fine sand 3000 type is suitable for cigarette label printing
7) uv-medium sand type 2000 is suitable for health products gift box printing
8) uv-1000 type coarse sand is suitable for wine box printing
9) UV- matt ultrafine sand
10) uv-refraction color-changing sand
11) UV- color line sanding
12) UV- colorful thick film, suitable for cigarette label, moon cake box, calendar, etc
13) UV- colorful medium coarse film
14) UV- colored microfilm
15) UV- magic color
16) UV- flash
17) UV- gold sand
18) UV- silver sand
19) UV – white
20) UV – black
21) UV – blue
22) UV- gold red
23) UV- magenta
24) UV- bright red
25) UV- chameleon (tricolor)
26) uv-glazing (A), suitable for ordinary paper
27) uv-glazing oil (B), suitable for submembrane
28) UV- red gold
29) UV- indigo
30) UV- gold
31) uv-transparency
32) uv-thinner (A) for special inks
33) uv-diluent (B), common type
34) UV- baht light discoloration
(2) solvent based silk screen printing ink
1) aG – white
2) aG – yellow
3) aG- medium yellow
4) ag-red
5) aG – red
6) aG- ying jihong
7) aG- bright red
8) aG – green
9) aG – blue
10) aG – black
11) ag-transparent oil (high-grade blending ink)
12) aG- red gold
13) aG- azurite
14) aG- gold
15) ag-pearl 1) sw105-03 gold red
2) pw105-06 bright red
3) pw105-09 dark red
4) magenta pw105-14
5) pw105-15 peach
6) pw105-20 lemon yellow
7) medium yellow pw105-24
8) pw105-25 transparent yellow
9) pw105-27 dark yellow
10 psw105-29 orange
11) pw105-30 peacock blue
12) medium blue pw105-31
13) pw105-32 sky blue
14) pw105-37 dark blue
15) pw105-40 white ink
16) pw105-52 black ink
17) pw105-60 green ink
18) pw110-01 orange
19) pw110-03 golden red
20) pw110-06 bright red
21) pw 110-09 crimson
22) pw110-14 magenta
23) pw110-15 rose red
24) pw110-16 light red
25) pw110-17 peach
26) pw110-20 transparent yellow