The difference between luminescence, fluorescence and reflection

When the setting sun fades away, when the night falls and the lights come on, I suddenly find that the city at night is so beautiful that compared with the day, it seems to have a soft, romantic charm. As the finishing touch pen, of course, is the light, a variety of, colorful light.
Light is different, too. There are spontaneous light, luminescence is a non-thermal emission of materials, the main application field is in the light source, display devices, detectors and optoelectronic devices, speaking of the popular point is light, night neon lights and other electric light, of course, there is the sun, fire and this does not need electricity. In Marine life, there are also Marine bioluminescent organisms, which are caused by their own luminous organs, cells or symbiotic bacteria.
Fluorescence is a special kind of light, which is characterized by its own luminescence, but a kind of photoluminescence phenomenon. Physics students may be difficult to understand, here just need to remember that fluorescence is a phenomenon that is illuminated by light, thereby emitting light, in daily life, usually a broad sense of a variety of weak light are called fluorescence, and not to investigate and distinguish the luminous principle.
Reflection is also known as reflected light, people can see this world, in fact, the light reflected by objects focused on the retina, the importance of reflection is obvious. Different colors, different materials, reflected light is not the same, white objects will almost all the light of the light source reflected light strong exposure should be less; Black object absorbs the light of illuminant almost entirely, without glance, exposure wants much. Other objects according to the nature of the color, depth, texture reflective strong or weak, more or less. Here have to mention reflective material, with the development of science and research, reflective material reflective effect is getting better and better.
And reflective vest glance the above article is reflective effect generated by the return of the light reflection principle of luminous energy problems and light pollution problem, not easy to control and fluorescence is too weak, only glance, with the help of reflective material, can effectively reflect the light back loyal, effectively protect the safety of the traffic police and workers at night. A wisp of small reflective strip, can be said to have played a very important role.