The main applications of rare earth luminescent materials

The use of rare-earth light-emitting materials will bring the effects of environmental protection and energy saving, good color rendering function and long life number to the light source, which is conducive to promoting the upgrading of products in the current significant area. Therefore, once the rare-earth light-emitting materials are created, they are quickly used in the production of color television picture tubes (CRTs) and fluorescent lamps. The industrial use of rare-earth light-emitting materials in China also began in the above two categories. At present, China’s rare earth luminescent material career closely follows the development trend of international rare earth luminescent material development and application, and has established an outstanding shopping mall interaction mechanism with low-level industries. In addition to the above categories, rare-earth luminescent materials are also widely used to promote the production of special light sources and devices such as plant growth, ultraviolet disinfection, medical care, noctilucent display, and full-spectrum light sources that mimic natural light. The scope of applications has been continuously expanded.
From the perspective of the consumption structure of the rare earth luminescent materials in the inferior industry, energy-saving lighting is the primary application area of ​​the rare earth luminescent materials. In 2009, the sales volume of rare-earth light-emitting materials for energy-saving fluorescent lamps (hereinafter referred to as “energy-saving lamps”) in China was 6,160 tons, accounting for 74.13% of the total professional sales of rare-earth light-emitting materials. In recent years, traditional CRT shopping malls have shrunk. The demand for CRT rare earth luminescent materials in the total occupational demand has been reduced accordingly. The demand for rare earth luminescent materials for flat panel display has increased year by year. .