Types of electroluminescent planar display screens

This type of product is based on the principle of inorganic powder electroluminescence (EL) technology, which is characterized by planar luminescence, and can realize color dynamic pattern and text display through the circuit. Existing products include: ultra-thin flexible plastic EL, flat glass EL, enamel EL, long life outdoor plastic EL. The basic technical indicators are as follows:
1) indoor plastic EL screen: maximum size: 80cmX60cm; thickness: 0.2-0.5mm; brightness: 5-120cd /m2;
Use conditions: 80-110v, 400-800hz or 220V,50Hz, PET plastic sheet as raw material base material
Features: flexible, reduction, light weight, easy to use, etc
USES: color dynamic ultra-thin advertising light box, LCD back lighting for watch, mobile phone and instrument, pattern display for garment sign, display for automobile and aircraft instrument panel, display for large screen matrix text pattern…
2) glass EL screen: maximum size: 300mmX400mm thickness: 1-5mm, brightness: 5-70cd /m2,
Use conditions: 110V, 400-800hz or 220V,50Hz, raw material base material glass sheet
Features: long service life, smooth appearance, etc
Purpose: emergency channel indication, dark lighting…
3) enamel EL screen: maximum size: 300mmX400mm thickness: 2-5mm, brightness: 5-50cd /m2,
Use conditions: 110V, 400-800hz or 220V,50Hz, raw material base metal sheet
Features: adapt to different types of outdoor harsh weather, resistance to hard impact
Purpose: outdoor night signage, automobile and ship etc.
4) large outdoor ultra-thin energy-saving EL luminous advertising screen
Features: outdoor service life: 4 years (half life: 12,000 hours), monomer maximum area: 6m x 0.3m, color: color, dynamic flashing, thickness: 1mm main material: phosphor/plastic film, brightness: 90Cd/m2, working temperature: -30 ° c –+40 ° c, power consumption: 50W/m2 (90V500Hz), current: 1.5a /m2
Application: building advertisement, bridge appearance, automobile body advertisement, ship appearance, urban large traffic sign/indicator belt, indoor and outdoor commercial light box advertisement
Comparative advantages of similar technologies: long life (5 times of the existing technology), large area, energy saving.