Ultraviolet invisible paint material pigment market prospect is broad

Invisible pigment is a kind of pigment: its characteristic is optical pigment material, light structure color matching principle.

There are 18 colors.

All the colors are in white shape. Under the irradiation of the purple lamp, all kinds of colors appear immediately and brightly.

draw a pattern, day and wall a color, at night in the light, a vivid picture will appear!

What is invisible illusory pigment?

Invisible illusory pigment is a new high-tech pigment in today’s world. It has been applied in some countries or regions. Under natural light or ordinary light, the pigment does not show any color. But use violet lamp (the wavelength that does not have any harm to human body is 3650 angstroms long wave violet lamp, had become to decorate illuminative lamps and lanterns to be like: examination money lamp) when illuminate, this pigment can give out different gorgeous color, the picture that paints with it is peculiar, novel, stereo feeling is strong, abrate is changable.

What is the characteristic of invisible unreal color pigment?

Invisible illusory pigment has the characteristics of metallic luminescence and backlight. Based on the principle of metallic body backlight, in the presence of a special light source, the pigment forms a pattern with strong three-dimensional sense, clear image and bright color. It is one of the newest sources of light in the world, and it USES a special light source — the weakest source of violet light in the sunlight we are exposed to every day. This violet light source does not have any harm to human body, already became the illuminative lamps and lanterns necessaries on current world (wavelength 3650 angstrom), it differs from ultraviolet ray, ultraviolet ray (wavelength 257 angstrom or so) can kill leucocyte, great to human body harm.

What is the difference between invisible phantom color pigments and fluorescent materials?

Invisible magic color pigment is taken from fluorescent materials. Fluorescent materials need external energy to increase their luminescence, and then release energy, resulting in many colors, and some radioactive elements that make it difficult for people to stay in this environment for a long time. The invisible material is to accept violet light to be reflected back quickly, do not need any energy, like plane mirror, popular in domestic and international. For example, we currently apply in painting: designers and painters make it into novel, three-dimensional strong, rich in change, colorful, gorgeous pictures, in the quiet environment of the purple lamp, bring customers with joy and great satisfaction. This special effect is indeed a kind of magical dream and beyond the baby.

What are the colors of invisible unreal pigments?

– generally there are three primary colors, but in order to achieve the desired effect in painting: 8 colors, 12 colors, 18 colors, and 24 colors.

And so on, the color divides the more request craft is higher, the painting is more vivid, the color is richer.