Use of invisible mural materials, production methods and tools

Methods and tools for making invisible murals
Invisible murals (also known as fantasy invisible murals, magic invisible murals, fantasy angels, etc.)
The method of making it is the same as the tools needed for making it. It’s just different levels
The tools and raw materials are not the same as haotian space technology as the domestic invisible murals production technology
Technology, professional development of r & d team has been developed according to the market needs of the first two
After the third and fourth generation of fantasy invisible murals, the technology of invisible murals has been developed to 4G
(4G invisible mural) product. Moreover, a number of foreign enterprises have reached 4G agreement with our company
Invisible mural products, in the global promotion.
Now my company in order to give businesses, and the invisible murals enthusiasts on the invisible murals have a
A clear understanding, do not misbelieve some illegal business use, my company a few years ago
At the Canton fair, the first generation of invisible mural products on display for investment. these
The enterprise has no research and development institution, and it is still using the production of my company several years ago
Product, sufficient already explained. Now my company will be invisible mural technology with the required materials
With tools made public.
Invisible mural is not what mysterious product, invisible mural is to use optics to realize mural
Invisible and visible.
The tools and techniques needed for the first and second generation of invisible murals.
The first and second generation of invisible murals had high requirements on the painting and art skills of the murals makers.
And now the products on the market are almost one or two generations of invisible murals are not some business
They say you can learn in two or three days.
Tools needed for the first and second generation of invisible murals:
I. air compressor: preferably 3P to ensure sufficient air pressure, protection
The air pressure is constant, if you need a large number of production can also be used for high-power air compression
Machine (phase opposite side can use small power air compressor) there is a kind of mute on the market at present
The air compressor for residential housing production effect is very good.
Two. Spray gun and spray pen: the original requirements for the production of high precision picture, the original in
When choosing spray gun and spray pen, it is best to choose imported products.
Pencil, eraser, cutter, scissors, whiteboard, masking tape, picture material,
(thumbtack or double-sided glue)