Uv anti – counterfeiting phosphors use technical instructions, product characteristics

About uv anti-counterfeiting phosphors:
L the special phosphor powder of this series of products presents white or nearly transparent color under the light source of visible light, and one or more fluorescent colors, including organic, inorganic, afterglow and other special effects, appear under the light source of different wavelengths (254nm, 365nm, 850nm), with bright and beautiful colors. L this series of products have a variety of colors including blue, red, yellow, green, purple, orange and pink.
Product features:
1, inorganic phosphor l fluorescence bright color, has a good hiding power (can avoid adding opaque agent). L particles are fine and spherical, easily dispersible, 98% in diameter about 1-10u. Good heat resistance: the highest withstand temperature is 600amp#176C, suitable for all kinds of high temperature processing. Good solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high stability. L no MIGRATION, no pollution. L non-toxic, heating will not overflow formalin (FORMALDEHYDE), available to the coloring of toys and food containers. L body will not overflow, in the injection machine for mold change, can save cleaning procedures. 2. The fluorescence of organic phosphor l has bright color, no hiding power and light penetration rate of over 90%. L good solubility, all kinds of oil solvent can be dissolved, but the solubility is different, need to choose according to different needs. L belongs to the dyestuff series. L other stabilizers should be added due to poor weather resistance. L heat resistance: the maximum withstand temperature is 200amp#176C, suitable for high-temperature processing within 200amp#176C.
Application of coating and screen printing ink:
L inorganic phosphors are dispersed in paint and ink, not dissolved in paint and ink. Organic phosphors are dissolved in it. Apply to oil and water based paints and inks. L use a neutral or weakly alkaline clear resin (pH 5-7 is best). 2%~3%l is recommended for all types of printing, including screen printing, intaglio printing and letterpress printing. White or light color background is recommended to improve the color variation. L can be mixed with dyes or pigments to create a variety of color variations. Suitable coating or ink substrate for different materials.
Plastic injection and extrusion applications:
L can be used for fluorescence staining of various plastics such as PE, PS, PP, ABS, acrylic, urea, melamine, polyester, resin, etc. L the recommended dosage is 0.05%~0.5%, generally 0.05-0.1%l mixture should be added with a certain proportion of additives, in order to improve its stability and antioxidant. L can be mixed and used with different toners to match more diverse color variations. L should try to avoid in the process of above 250 ℃.
Toxicity and safety:
Anti-counterfeit phosphors have no irritation to skin and contain no harmful substances to human body. They meet the standards of safety toys and food packaging.
Anti – counterfeit fluorescent powder should be stored in sealed, dry, dark, avoid direct sunlight. Related parameters: product price: negotiable sales method: batch zero concurrently