What factors will affect the luminous effect of glow in dark powder printing

Glow in the dark powder printing has become very popular in recent years. Many clothing printing factories have luminous powder printing technology, and luminous clothes are also very popular in the market. Some manufacturers’ technology is not enough, so the printed products have unsatisfactory results. So what are the factors that affect the luminous powder printing effect?
Some factors that determine the luminous effect of luminous powder
1.Transparency of ink
The luminous effect of the luminous powder of the luminous ink depends on the refraction and interference of the incident light. Therefore, the transparency of the printed luminous ink has a great influence on the luminous effect. If the transparency of the ink layer is not good, it will affect the light absorption effect of the luminous powder. , Which affects the luminous effect.
2.Thickness of luminous powder
The requirements for fineness of pigments in offset printing luminous inks are very strict. If the pigment particles are too coarse, the transferability of the luminous ink is poor, but if the pigment particles are too fine, the luminous effect is affected.
3.Viscosity and fluidity of ink
The special characteristics of noctilucent ink pigments require this ink to have lower viscosity and greater fluidity than other ordinary inks, which can meet the floating requirements of noctilucent pigments when printing, so as to achieve the ideal noctilucent effect.
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