What is the form and material classification of the signs

Signs are very common in our daily life, but signs can be divided into wood signs, plastic signs and metal signs because of the different materials of production, dazzling, so how are signs classified? And what forms does it have?
Material classification:
(1) smooth logo: the picture or board surface is oily and very smooth.
(2) acrylic marking: acrylic material as the main material on the board.
(3) noctilucent material signage: noctilucent material signage (that is, we usually say the neon light)
(iv) electric light plate label: use led or noctilucent tube to achieve monochrome or color performance.
(v) metal identification: in the absence of a specially designated board, the use of metal as the board surface of the sign or the main material of the text and the use of metal as the main carrier of the logo.
Morphological classification:
(a), vertical: the whole proportion of the vertical is relatively long, generally the whole face is used as a sign.
(2) ground column: horizontal, vertical and three-dimensional signs marking certain fixed structures on the ground
(3), horizontal: the whole ratio of horizontal relatively long, the whole face has been used as a sign, generally in small shops and large buildings can be seen on the wall.
(four), protruding: in the building of the wall prominent, in addition to the back of the whole side or there are two sides of the case of the wall, both sides are used as an advertising carrier of the logo sign, such as three sides of the logo.
(v) roof type: refers to some fixed structures set on the roof of a building, and hanging or affixed to the above a flat living cube or phantom signs.
The shape and material classification of signage are influenced by many factors and can be selected according to its purpose.