Why wear a reflective vest

Reflective clothing is also a very common kind of clothing in today’s outdoor life. Due to the rapid development of traffic roads, it is easy to cause damage to outdoor work and traveling people. Moreover, we must know that the reason for the large traffic accidents in urban areas in the country is that the drivers do not have a good concentration of attention and do not have a good warning function. Wearing reflective clothing can play a role in avoiding danger. The reflective vest is made of reflective material (reflective tape, crystal lattice, reflective coating), hot, printed on the outer part of the main part of the clothes or vest (and some reflective vests are coated with reflective paint on the entire surface). A reflective garment is a protective article used to achieve a high-gloss reflective warning at night or in bad weather. Generally divided into sanitation workers reflective vests, police reflective vests, children’s safety reflective vests, car reflective vests, riding reflective vests.

At the beginning of 2018, the state began to implement the new provisions of “Safety Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation”. The document mentions that the car should be equipped with a reflective vest. This is the first time that China has incorporated reflective vests into vehicle safety requirements. It should be said that this is a very high-level requirement. The reflector is composed of a base material and a reflective material. Some people who don’t know much about reflective vests will light up in the dark as they associate with fluorescent toys. Note that the reflective vest we are talking about is reflective, not luminous. Does the reflective vest really shine by itself? Actually not. Reflective clothing does shine, but the light from the reflective coat is not self-contained, it is necessary to have light shining on the reflective material.

Reflective vests, mostly made of 300D waterproof oxford + mesh, these reflective vests are often very functional, with a lot of pockets, to meet the needs of the traffic police when placing equipment. Traffic reflective clothing can achieve red and blue flashing at night, which is necessary in the traffic police duty work. The reflective vest will have a silver-gray reflective cloth, a blue-white small square reflective strip or a reflective lattice strip, which not only has a high aesthetic appearance, but also has a high reflective brightness coefficient, which can protect the wearer’s safety; the children’s reflective vest is generally Made of 120g low-elastic fabric, it is light in weight, and the child’s safety reflective hood is designed to be easy to put on and take off. At the same time, a 360° surrounding reflective strip is added to the front and rear of the vest, which can play a safety warning role no matter which direction the vehicle comes from.