Blue green glow powder

Glowing color: Blue green ( aqua )
Body color: light yellow
Grade: High luminance, Normal luminance
Type: Normal version, Waterproof version
Particle size: 15-20um, 20-25um,25-40um,70-80um or produce according to special requests.
Products features: Excellent wear resistance and high temperature resistance. It has a wide range of applications, such as in plastic products, coatings, glass, ceramics and other materials.


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Product Description Photoluminescent pigment
Model No. BG602
Main Application Luminous plastic products, silk screen printing ink, glow paint, textile pastes etc..

Typical chemical properties

Composition Alkaline earth metal silicate doped europium
Formula Sr4Al14O25:(Eu2+;Dy3+)
Insoluble in Alkalis, Organic solvents
Decomposition by Acids

Typical physical properties

Body color Light yellow
Specific gravity 3.6 g/cm3
Average particle size 20-25µm ( 250 mesh )

Typical luminescent properties

Excitation Sunlight,UV radiation,All visible light
Excitation wavelength 250~450nm
Peak value 490nm
Glow color Blue green
Luminance ≥ 0.3mcd/m2 After 21648 minutes


Typical luminance data ( Measurement according to DIN67510 part 1 )


Time 0min 2min 10min 30min 60min
Mcd/m2 2108 896 339 129 69


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